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Poll of the Week: In the shadows of giants

Although any crew will argue defiantly that their ship is the best, if there is a single star ship to be the crown jewel in that illustrious list it would be the USS Enterprise. Each of the seven known vessels that have carried that name have been at the forefront of excellence in terms of crew, achievements, technology and simply being known as a ship that should never be underestimated.

But of course it takes more then a fine ship or a name with heritage to ensure greatness. So it falls to those skilled Captains to lead the charge. From Archer to Kirk right through to Picard. Each of these men have been titans equal to that of their respective ships. And while any number of other Captains match this description how many have what it takes to live up to the legacy that the name Enterprise has created.

This week we return with a Trek inspired poll that I hope you have fun with. So if you haven’t put the pieces together, this week we are asking, do you think that the USS Enterprise should be the setting of the next Star Trek tv series. Putting aside the fact that we may be waiting quite a while for another tv series, what is your opinion on this subject? Do you think that another brilliant Captain from a script can live up to the legacy? Or do you think it isn’t worth trying if only to protect the name?

So come on down and cast your vote and share your thoughts because that’s where the fun begins.

Poll of the Week: Just Dessert

This week we turn away from superstition and ask a question even harder then the Biscuit/Cookies or Cake dilemma. That is right, this week we are asking what is your favorite ice cream flavor? For many people ice cream is a common dessert especially in summer time. But with so many different varieties out there to chose from which gets your vote? Do you prefer a classic like Chocolate or Vanilla or do you have a hunger for something more exotic? And how do you decide when all the family likes something different?

While I wouldn’t recommend sitting down and taste testing every flavor out there just to decide which you like best for this weeks poll I am sure your taste buds would enjoy the experience. Just as I hope you will stay and enjoy the discussion after you vote.

Be sure to visit the forums to cast your vote and join in the fun!!

Poll of the Week: It’s a Date

Of all the significant dates to arise throughout the ages, Friday, 21st of December 2012 has to be on top of a very short list. That date of course is the last day of the ancient Mayan calender which has inspired multiple films, untold amount of conspiracy and undoubtedly a lot of fear as it looms closer. The reason for such interest in that day of all others could only be that people will always be curious about the reason why the Mayan calender just stops this year and not some other random point in time.

So the question being posed this week is this, what do you think will happen on Friday 21st of December 2012? Do you think that it will be another normal day like the day after it or do you think that the world will come to a blockbuster finish as the movies suggest? I suppose that they are a few people that might have been able to tell us once upon a time but now it is up to us to figure out. If we have a little fun during the debate all the better.

So come on down and cast your vote at the forums and join in the speculation that will no doubt follow.

Poll of the Week: In the darkest moment

This week we continue with the theme of our character’s, this week we are asking if your character is religious at all? It can be said that in spite of all the wonders a Star Fleet officer can see during their career, they are also likely to see some truly horrific sights and even find themselves in the midst of unimaginable peril. In such dark circumstances does your character turn to some higher power for comfort .

A pioneer in early television and continuing such trends in its later series, Trek has certainly given a large amount of thought in creating a diverse range of religious backgrounds for our character to turn to. While in most cultures the idea of religion has dwindled its influence remains in the way each species thinks about an afterlife or even philosophies to live by. If your Character doesn’t believe what drives them in the darkest of times?

Head over to the Poll of the Week forum to cast your vote and join in the discussion!

Photo CR: Memory-Alpha.org

Poll of the Week: Vacation Vacation

Stellar CartographyThis week we will dive right in and ask; out of the whole universe where does your character like to take a vacation? Although it is a well known fact that life in the fleet keeps people busy, downtime is equally vital in order to keep the brave men and women of Star Fleet in ship shape condition.

The universe certainly doesn’t lack nice tropical planets with open beaches much like the divine Duronis Embassy. Or does your dream vacation spot have a touch of culture to it like Vulcan or Bajor. The possibilities are as numerous as the number of habitable planets out there.We would all love to hear what makes your characters dream holiday location special whether it be close to home or far flung and exotic.

Head over to the Poll of the Week forum to cast your vote!

Poll of the Week: The Early Bird Gets…

Medical TricorderThere is an old say, the early bird gets the worm. While this can apply to almost anything but the most prominent meaning, to me, is whether or not you get up really early at the start of the day. This week we are asking if you are an early riser or if you prefer to sleep in late.

I am sure that there is no singular answer to this conundrum as every one is different leading different lifestyles. Perhaps you have to get up early for work or a student which allows a certain degree of latitude. Then again I know of quite a few people that physically can’t sleep in after the sun has risen.

Head over to the Poll of the Week forum to cast your vote!

Poll of the Week: The many faces of Q

This week we get back to another Trek inspired poll where we ask, who is your favorite Q? So who was your favorite among those god-like individuals. While all of them possesses unlimited control of space, time and matter (at various degrees of master). Each had a unique style to them. Can you just look no further then Q the most intrusive of all the omnipotent beings or did you enjoy the childish mind of Q junior and his antics before Captain Janeway had her way.  Come on down and let us know. Half the fun is in the discussion afterward.

Head over to the Poll of the Week forum to cast your vote!

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