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Havley Mining Corporation CEO arrested by USS Veritas crew

HAVLEY’S HOPE – Starit Proz, the CEO Of one of the largest mining corporations in the Federation was arrested and detained by the crew of the USS Veritas on charges of slavery and corruption.

USS Veritas investigates missing miners on Havley’s Hope

HAVLEY’S HOPE – On this marginally M-class planet, where life is difficult and luxury nearly non-existent, the Veritas has been sent to investigate reports of missing teams of miners.

Starfleet Classified Report: USS Veritas returns to the present time – mission successful

CLASSIFIED LEVEL 10 – The USS Veritas managed to return to the present after dealing with the Borg and Omega molecules in the past.

Starfleet Classified Report: USS Veritas working to destroy Omega molecules in the far past

CLASSIFIED LEVEL 10 – USS Veritas is attempting to neutralize a combined Borg and Omega molecule threat.

USS Veritas launched nearly 600 years back in time

THE SHOALS – While investigating a reported Borg vessel in orbit of a dead planet in the Shoals, the USS Veritas was sent hurtling back in time.

USS Veritas discovers historical Romulan presence in the Shoals

PELLECIA – After tracking an Orion Syndicate ship through the Shadows and ending a confrontation with a frigate who came to recover their peers, the Veritas has begun to chart a new world that was the final home for the survivors of a shipwrecked Romulan warbird.

USS Veritas investigates lost ships in the Shadows

THE SHADOWS – The USS Veritas has moved into this infamous area of space, known for its navigational difficulties, to investigate for ships that have disappeared in this region.

USS Veritas arrives at Esperance for relaxation and celebrations

ESPERANCE, THE SHOALS – The Veritas, arriving at Esperance Star Station for repairs and resupply, celebrates a wedding.

USS Veritas rescues USS Astraeus and captures pirate king

THE SHOALS — A wanted pirate king was taken prisoner by the USS Veritas after successfully rescuing a stranded Galaxy class starship.

USS Veritas moves to protect USS Astraeus from pirate attack

THE SHOALS – After an incursion into the Shoals by a Starfleet vessel much too massive to handle the region’s unique spacial properties, the Veritas has moved to assist.

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