USS Veritas visits Star Station Esperance after encounter with renegade Klingons

USS Veritas visits Star Station Esperance after encounter with renegade Klingons

STAR STATION ESPERANCE — After a hard encounter with rebel members of the Klingon Empire, the crew of USS Veritas (NCC-95035) returned to Star Station Esperance for a much-needed break.

The station houses a Starfleet Annex under Commander Zhou Tai-Sheng’s charge. Under the watchful eye of Commanders Sky Blake and Kelrod, the Veritas’ crew handed down “unordinary man of the Shoals” Kallo Ver to the USS Paladin.

While in port, the Veritas chased up new crewmembers. In the wake of Lieutenant Commander Raissa Moonsong’s leave, the staff recruited Lieutenant Katy Toliver as the ship’s new counsellor. Ensign Kivik, a J’naii science officer, also came aboard, while Jansen Orrey arrived as an envoy of the Federation Diplomatic Corps.

Additionally, Lieutenant JG Ikaia Wong hoped to take on the Chief Medical Officer role, but currently lacks the experience necessary. He is now under the mentorship of Doctor Charles Sampi, visiting from the USS Galaxy.

Despite this, reports came in that Wong is still engaging in “pranks” against the crew’s command staff.

“Most of them have failed so far,” reported Blake, the ship’s First Officer. “That’s all there really is to say about it.”

The crew has separated now. Captain Roshanara Rahman took many of her senior staff on a search for an Endeavour NX-05 shuttlepod, recently sighted in the Shoals, while Blake, together with Zhou and Orrey will focus on Sokarn zh’Kuujn’s control on Donova IV.

Meanwhile, Second Officer Lieutenant Commander Wil Ukinix led a skeleton crew to the Walhalla Lock following reports of heavy traffic in the area.


Written by Sky Blake

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