Thirty miners and two Starfleet officers trapped in mine

Thirty miners and two Starfleet officers trapped in mine

ANTOR II — A seismic event has triggered the partial collapse of a mine on the Southern Continent of Antor II in The Shoals, with an estimated thirty people still missing.

A tremor caused the partial collapse of the Russell River Mine in Antor II’s Rahnor Delta, trapping over a hundred people, including two Starfleet officers. The mine stretches over two kilometres deep and consists of two main “levels” where the miners worked. The emergency has fortuitously coincided with a visit from the Starfleet vessel USS Veritas (NCC-95035) to the planet, allowing Starfleet personnel to assist in the rescue efforts.

Seventy-one miners were rescued from Level 1 thanks to the quick response of Antor II’s emergency responders in collaboration with Starfleet officers. The rescue crews constructed a new access tunnel into the mine and recovered Level 1 survivors one by one, led by Commander Kelrod in his position as Starfleet Search and Rescue (SAR) lead and Veritas’ Chief Engineer Wil Ukinix. Their injuries were treated by medical staff, although none were life-threatening.

In a race against time, emergency agencies and rescue teams worked around the clock to recover the remaining miners trapped on Level 2. So far, attempts to contact the miners have been futile. However, weak sensor readings revealed activity, providing optimism that about 30 individuals, including a government mine inspector and Starfleet Officers Lieutenant JG Ikaia Wong and Ensign Scotty Reade, were not killed.

Governor Tutoatasi, the Federation separatist politician who has previously campaigned for the independence of Antor II, welcomed the Starfleet assistance.

“Indeed, it was fortunate that this happened just when the Veritas was around,’“ he stated. “As you know, it’s not exactly every day that we have a Starfleet vessel in our system. So, yes, it’s good timing.”

Captain Roshanara Rahman said that the rescue teams were “continuing to search the area for any other survivors, but the depth of the mine and the mineral and soil composition makes it difficult for conventional sensors to penetrate.”

Communication with Level 2 has become a top priority for rescue crews. While rescue operations continue, hopes remain high.


Written by Wil Ukinix

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