Antor II miners rescued as Veritas’ tour ends

Antor II miners rescued as Veritas’ tour ends

ANTOR II — A seismic event has triggered the partial collapse of a mine on the Southern Continent of Antor II in The Shoals, with an estimated thirty people still missing.

After all miners were evacuated from Level 1 of the Russell River mine, the planet’s first responders and the crew of the USS Veritas (NCC-95035) collaborated to rescue twenty workers and two Starfleet officers. It was a perilous situation to be trapped on level 2 of the mine, at least two kilometres deep.

Starfleet personnel utilized an experimental transportation device that was originally designed to carry starships across great distances throughout the galaxy. Officers instead modified the mechanism to move pieces of rock from the mine in order to establish an access path for the remaining trapped miners.

Sadly, five workers on level 2 were killed in the original mine collapse.

The rescue was the Veritas crew’s final major operation. In a referendum, the people of Antor II decisively voted against independence from the Federation. Seventy percent of their population voted against the proposal, which may be a fatal blow to Governor Tutoatasi’s political career.

“Whatever the decision of the people of Antor, Starfleet remains committed to serving them and the rest of the people of the Shoals,” said Rear Admiral Joseph Washington from Cait. “We will continue to work with Governor Tutoatasi and other political leaders to ensure infrastructure and security are taken care of.”

The Veritas is due for refit, and so several members of the Veritas team left for other jobs, additional training, or personal sabbaticals before learning of their next long-term assignment.

Starfleet will maintain a presence within the Shoals, sending two vessels to replace the Veritas Class.


Written by Wil Ukinix

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