USS Veritas tasked with prisoner extradition from Klingon territory

USS Veritas tasked with prisoner extradition from Klingon territory

VOQMOH’TUQ — A high-value prisoner wanted by Starfleet Intelligence has been extradited from the Klingon territory of the greater Shoals region.

Kallo Ver, a smuggler and career criminal well-known to Starfleet, the Colonial Coalition Marshals Service, and Federation Security was caught on the Klingon colony of VoqmoH’tuq on the far end of the Shoals. Ver, upon his capture, claimed only to be picking flowers.

However, once his capture was reported, the Federation requested his extradition, and the Klingon Empire agreed.

In a joint operation with the Klingon Defense Force, the USS Veritas, along with two Klingon vessels, is ensuring the secure transport of the prisoner through the Shadows, a notoriously dangerous region of the Shoals where sensors are severely limited because of the intense tetryon fields endemic to the area and pirates and cartel ships operate.

The area is also home to the native Ohanze species, which maintains peaceful, but tense, relations with both the Federation and Klingons.

“I’m not at liberty yet to discuss all the details of this case, but I can tell you that the Federation and the people of the Shoals, in particular, will be much safer once Kallo Ver is in Federation custody,” said Yuri Delgado of Federation Security.

Since the Veritas and her escorts entered the Shadows, we expect no further contact until the three ships emerge on the other side in two months. From there, they will travel to Star Station Esperance, where Kallo Ver will be transferred to the Starfleet Support Annex.


Written by Roshanara Rahman

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