USS Veritas investigates Chameloid imposter with suspected links to Donovan criminal underworld

USS Veritas investigates Chameloid imposter with suspected links to Donovan criminal underworld

DONOVA IV — The discovery of a now-deceased imposter has shocked the crew of the USS Veritas (NCC-95035) as they investigate the potential involvement of the Cobalt Clan.
Lt. Commander Tristam Core, a components engineer, discovered the ground remains of the imposter in the soil on the surface of the planet at “Farmhouse Joy”. The imposter had assumed the identity of a newly assigned ensign and had departed the ship without authorisation, having taken an inactive “hexagon” communications device from Veritas’ storage with her.
The hexagons are a special type of subspace radio communicator that is virtually untraceable and linked to several criminal activities in the region, including helping facilitate the smuggling of exotic animals.
Further investigation by Core, Fleet Captain Roshanara Rahman, Commander Kelrod, and Lieutenant Tiria Hamasaki revealed that the missing ensign was in fact a Chameloid, a species known for its shape-shifting abilities.
Starfleet has not yet revealed the real ensign’s name or whether such a person ever existed before the imposter assumed their identity. Crew members aboard Veritas have also confirmed they are actively tightening their ship’s security procedures and coordinating with Starfleet Academy.
“Can you believe it? With all our modern technology, it is still possible for intruders to take over someone’s identity?” said Crewman First Class Karen Queens, a transporter operator on the ship. “Next, Security will want us to perform a thorough DNA scan from every single person who boards the ship.”
Speculation has begun that the Chameloid imposter may have been working with criminal intent on behalf of the Cobalt Clan, the criminal organisation attributed to the prosperous running of Donova IV. Sokarn zh’Kuujn, the presumed leader of the Cobalt Clan, is currently serving as an event organiser, overseeing the production of the 2398 Battle of the Bands competition and music festival.
Meanwhile, reports have surfaced suggesting that Veritas has taken aboard Kannika Saelim, a student from the University of New Shanghai. She met with the ship’s first officer, Commander Sky Blake, along with Counselor Callistra Navarro, Commander Zhou Tai-Sheng, and Lieutenant Lafizatar. Rumours suggest Saelim holds another hexagon device, like the one lost together with the deceased imposter.
Written by Wil Ukinix

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