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USS Veritas To Join Battle Of The Bands Line-up

DONOVA IV — Event organisers have officially recognised the USS Veritas’ (NCC-95035) entry into Battle of the Bands.

The crew’s band is rumoured to comprise ship senior staff members: Lieutenant Commanders Wil Ukinix, Antero Flynn, and Hannibal Parker, Lieutenants Charlena Vanlith and Callistra Navarro, and Ensign Ikaia Wong. Though their intention to compete is serious, it’s speculated the event will give the crew a brief break following an ordeal on a runaway asteroid.

Despite having their entry confirmed, the band has not yet chosen a performing name. However, ‘Glasgow Kiss’ and ‘Red Alert’ are “top contenders” according to sources.

The event pits the Veritas crew against long-time Battle of the Bands champions Novian Skull Blowers and Riffs of Bole. StarBass41 bass player Caenos Kagri welcomes their entry.

“Music is the great communicator,” Kagri stated. “If they’ve entered, it means they’ve got *some* kind of cohesion going. If they’re good, power to them. If they’re less than good, we’ll all have a good time.”

[Event promotion: “The Colonial Coalition knows how to work hard, but it also knows how to rock! Do you? We invite you to prove it! It’s time for the annual Battle of the Bands! Compete with top talents like the Meridian Marauders, Riffs of Bole, StarBass41 and the powerhouse Novian Skull Blowers! Shred your way to epic prizes, and even bigger bragging rights!”]


Written by Sky Blake

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