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Invicta crew ordered to take a six month R&R leave

MENTHAR CORRIDOR — The crew of the USS Invicta share one last goodbye as they depart the Cardiff class vessel after a year with the expedition.

USS Venture swept back in time to 2267, faces Doomsday Machine

KAVOS SECTOR — After falling through a quantum rift and ending up in the 23rd century, the USS Venture preserved history by saving a future Klingon Chancellor from an ancient planet killing machine.

Historic USS Venture shines at Khitomer Accords centennial celebration

KHITOMER — The Federation and Klingon Empire marked the centennial anniversary of the monumental Khitomer Accords with festivities, speeches, and a spectacular parade of ships.

Invicta crew tasked with preparations for Khitomer Centennial

ASTROFORI ONE — With their mission on Adova finished, the crew of the USS Invicta enjoyed a “low-key” shore leave on Astrofori One before being tasked with restoring a historic starship for the Khitomer Centennial celebrations next month.

Tensions rise in Menthar Corridor with Titus Vassily encounter

ADOVA — Starfleet crews assisting the Adovan people with the removal of dangerous biological weapons have encountered wanted criminal Titus Vassily, who may have been working with a minority of Adovans known as the Vendalak to attempt a coup.

Adovan people looking for atonement

ADOVA — After a call for assistance from a relatively unknown civilization, the USS Invicta is on route to Adova to assist with cleansing the planet from dangerous weapons used for mass genocide.

Invicta recuperates after Nygelian possessions

NYGEL II — The crew of the USS Invicta have taken a well-deserved breath after the possessions, damage, and injuries caused to the vessel, no thanks to an ancient civilization known as the Nygelians.

Ancient holy war reignited aboard USS Invicta

NYGEL II — After bringing back an ancient artifact from Nygel II, the USS Invicta was rendered dead in space, with her crew unable to remember who they were before an alien artifact reignited an ancient holy struggle.

Starfleet rescues passengers from hijacked starliner

MENTHAR CORRIDOR — The starliner Charles Lindbergh, hijacked with its passengers held hostage, has been recovered by Starfleet with all passengers accounted.

Thousands held hostage in passenger starliner hijacking

MENTHAR CORRIDOR — Colonial extremists have hijacked the quantum starliner Charles Lindbergh and are holding her 3,300 passengers and crew hostage.

“We can confirm one of our starliners is involved,” said a statement released by Unity Transport, operator of the Charles Lindbergh.

“We are working with Federation and Starfleet officials to bring this crisis to an end as safely and quickly as possible.”

The Charles Lindbergh made her maiden voyage from Vulcan to Ramatis III late last year, as the first of Unity Transport’s new quantum slipstream fleet. She was on her way to Anoria XII when sector traffic control suddenly received a mayday distress call from the starliner before all communications cut off.

Shortly after, the hijackers, led by known criminal and extremist Gabriela Cariño, made their demands known, having secured their apparent prime target: Trill Chief of Staff Anari Kthria, who was on her way to Anoria to chair a conference on colonial affairs.

“I have many, but we can start with the dissolution of the Kalandra Reconstruction Authority, and the Federation to stop stealing resources that belong to the border words,” said Cariño in a message to the USS Invicta, a Starfleet vessel ordered to respond to the incident.

Federation President Narala has dispatcher her new Secretary of the Exterior, former ambassador Lily Ventu, to the area to assess the situation and see that the crew of the Invicta can negotiate an end to the standoff peacefully, or otherwise resolve the crisis.

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