Adovan people looking for atonement

Adovan people looking for atonement

ADOVA — After a call for assistance from a relatively unknown civilization, the USS Invicta is on route to Adova to assist with cleansing the planet from dangerous weapons used for mass genocide.

Located on a planet tucked away within the Menthar Corridor, the Adovan people contacted Starfleet and the Federation to request assistance in removing dangerous weapons used against a racial minority approximately 300 years ago.
Upon arrival, Invicta’s commanding officer Captain Washington dispatched three teams to assist. With a small team, Fleet Captain Aron Kells would speak directly with the world’s leader, Arc Nen Mur Diiv. First officer Lt. Cmdr. Tristam Core was dispatched with a team of four others to convene with the planet’s science and medical division to address the long-standing effects of the weapon. Finally, Lt. Cmdr. Pandora lead a small team to a decommissioned weapons center to find a way to disable and dispose of the automated drones themselves that delivered the weapon: a virus that caused the genocide.
With Starfleet’s contact with the Adovan homeworld minimal since first contact, the crew was shocked to learn that the racial minority affected by the weaponry some 300 years ago were that of those with telepathic or empathic abilities. Many of the Invicta’s senior staff are telepaths, adding concerns for the crew’s safety on the planet.
“The crew’s health should be a primary concern. If the virus is released, it’s not a matter of ‘if’ they’re affected, it’s ‘when’,” said Doctor Pouge Romey in response to questions back on Astrofori One.
Further rumors among the crew indicate that the Arc herself may be telepathic, providing a personal motivation behind the Adovan call for assistance.

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