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Starfleet captain recovered from clandestine medical research station

SECTOR ZETA-THREE-GAMMA — Starfleet officer Fleet Captain Aron Kells has been rescued by his crew, who discovered that he had been captured by a rogue commodore conducting illegal experiment.

“I can assure you all that Commodore Chase’s experiments were in no way sanctioned by Starfleet Command or Starfleet Medical,” said Doctor Rajani of Starfleet Medical in San Francisco. “His actions have clearly violated both his oath to the Federation and to his profession as a physician-scientist.”

The crew of the USS Invicta discovered that Commodore Alistair Chase, MD, PhD, had been using his position as director of the Van Gelder Medical Research Station to continue his work in illegal genetic manipulation and engineering of new species. His work had begun during the Dominion War, working along side the Romulan scientist Maiek Khev, who later was branded as the Infernal and a war criminal.

In fact, it was Commodore Chase who had ventured down a darker path with his research, and when he discovered that to unlock the secrets of Khev’s work, he would need Khev’s grandson Aron Kells, the commodore hatched an elaborate plan to fake the fleet captain’s death to capture him.

Fortunately, Khev reached the Invicta in time to warn them about Chase, and along with the new information they had gathered from their investigation on Darvo V and on Syrene Station, the crew tracked Chase back to his remote lair at the Van Gelder Medical Research Station. Once there, they discovered that the energy patterns used to hide scans of the station matched those seen previously on 83 Leonis II during a supervolcanic eruption that had caused a mass extinction on that world. That eruption was found to have been artificially ignited and amplified, and now that the connection between it and Chase were made, acting CO Lt. Commander Roshanara Rahman moved forward to have Chase arrested.

When Chase attempted to escape, a brief firefight ensued on the station between an away team and the station’s own security, but the crew were able to quickly secure the station and bring Chase to justice. Meanwhile, Kells was found to be still alive although badly injured from his ordeal. As shoreleave began, preparations were underway for a celebration of the Trill Festival of Life, a poetic response by the crew to the discovery that their captain was still alive.

Starfleet captain killed; crew searches for answers

DARVO V — After Fleet Captain Aron Kells was reported killed-in-action after an attack on his captain’s yacht, his crew aboard the USS Invicta have been searching for the perpetrators.

The crew of the USS Invicta had just finished their impromptu shoreleave on the moon of the fifth planet in the W Cygni system when Fleet Captain Kells was called away to attend an urgent personal matter. Though the neutronic storm had passed, the crew still were working on clearing their campsite as per prime directive regulations, and so Kells left aboard the captain’s yacht. Two days later, he was dead.

An Al-Layen freighter in Sector Zeta-Three-Gamma picked up a distress call from the yacht but when they reached the coordinates, they found the craft, gutted. There was significant damage with life support non-functional, and the entire crew massacred.

The reaction aboard the Invicta was shock and for a few, anger.

“Commander Rahman is [expletive] mad as hell,” said one crewmember who wanted to remain anonymous. “The rest of us are still just trying to understand it all. Who would do such a thing? And why?”

Starfleet officials at the nearby Astrofori One station, recently attacked by the Maquis Reborn, were reluctant to speculate on who attacked the yacht and their motivations.

“While we are certainly considering all possibilities, we don’t see any evidence or claims of responsibility by the Maquis Reborn,” said Lt. Commander Msafiri Bakari, adjutant to the Region & Starfleet Mission Commander for the Menthar Corridor. “I know the Invicta crew well, and I’m confident they’ll find the answers we’re all looking for during this difficult time. Our thoughts here go to the Kells family.”

The Invicta’s search for their captain’s killers led them to Darvo V, a desert planet on the edge of the sector. Commander Rahman dispatched three away teams, one to Syrene Station, a repair facility and trade post in orbit of the planet, and two teams to the planet itself. The first searched a marketplace while the second investigated strange energy readings from within a cave system. The teams soon ran into their share of trouble.

The marketplace team met a shopkeeper named Elias Cumberbatch who indicated he might be able to help the crew get what they wanted. They were suddenly then attacked by two assailants who seemed to know the shop owner and who used archaic weapons very much like the ones that had attacked the yacht crew. Cumberbatch killed the assailants and then proceeded to threaten Ensign Nikki Ryan. Science officer Alora DeVeau quickly stunned him and had him beamed to the brig.

Meanwhile, the team aboard Syrene Station was able to identify the ship that attacked the yacht, and its owner. The ship utilized a unique verteron drive, somewhat similar to a quantum slipstream drive.

Finally, the team that had checked into the cave system energy readings instead found a suspicious woman named Nairi Demirjian along with unexplained Starfleet medical and scientific equipment. What the equipment was doing so far out from Federation space is currently under investigation.

Though the crew had found some answers, they now faced new questions, and just now, the sudden appearance of Maiek Khev, a Romulan biologist and fugitive war criminal, has only added more to the mystery. Khev claims to have information that can prove Kells, who is also his grandson, is still alive.

Invicta crew seek shelter from neutronic storm on moon

W CYGNI SYSTEM — The crew of the USS Invicta found refuge on an uninhabited moon, waiting out a deadly neutronic storm to pass.

Three weeks after their trip to an alternate universe where the Dominion War had raged on, the Invicta returned to the prime universe and slowly fell back into the routine, surveying a local star cluster. However, when a vast class 12 neutronic storm swept through the region, the crew were forced to leave the Invicta in orbit around the moon of the fifth planet in the W Cygni system, camping out on the moon’s surface.

Given all that the crew had been through the past few months, Captain Kells and his crew used the two weeks spent on the moon as an unexpected but welcome respite. The shore leave began with a more intimate awards ceremony around a campfire for the senior staff, where chief science officer Alora DeVeau and chief of counseling Raissa Moonsong were both promoted to lieutenant commander. First officer Roshanara Rahman then surprised Captain Kells with a promotion of his own from Starfleet Command to Fleet Captain.

The first night was soon interrupted by the arrival of crew members of the recently inactivated USS Avandar, among them the Avandar’s commanding officer—and now once again ambassador—Captain Della Vetri. The two crews slowly began to intermingle, soon to become one united crew once they could return to the Invicta.

Meanwhile, the junior officers, led by nurse Gabrielle Porchevska and operations officer Jess Webber organized a wild toga party, borrowing togas from the Magna Roma diplomatic delegation—and perhaps a few steaks and ale from Chief Reez without proper authorization.

“I’ll tell you one thing,” said Ensign Ulyn Freuf, a geneticist and epigeneticist aboard the Invicta. “That Gabi and Jess are a pretty crazy pair, but those two ladies sure now how to throw a party! Now if you’ll excuse me, I need to find my shirt.”

Not all the time on the moon’s surface was spent partying, though. Crew members also took a moment to further their relationships, from Dr. Saveron and Lt. Cmdr. DeVeau’s budding romance to Ensign Shurimal Vex’s new friendship with Fleet Captain Kells. Lt. Cmdr. Rahman wrestled with Lt. Ki Shandres on how to deal with their new “daughter” Tasnim Shandres, a refugee from the alternate universe that had remained aboard the Invicta after it passed through the quantum fissure but without her mother as intended.

Once the storm passed, Fleet Captain Kells had to leave at once aboard the captain’s yacht due to a personal urgent matter as the rest of the Invicta crew returned to their ship and began the clean up operation to prevent any future inhabitants from discovering evidence of their stay as per the Prime Directive.

Alternate universe discovered where the Dominion won the war

MENTHAR CORRIDOR — After a trip through a rare space-time anomaly, the USS Invicta found itself in an alternate reality where the Dominion War had ended in the Federation’s defeat.

“It’s a pretty terrifying thought,” said Professor Marius Stana of the University of Alpha Centauri. “Every historian this side of the galaxy, not to mention a tactician or two I’m sure, can’t wait to pour over the data once it’s released to see why the outcome was so different in this other universe.”

The Invicta had begun investigating the stellar anomaly, a quantum fissure, when the ship was suddenly pulled through it. The quantum fissure acted as a keyhole into another quantum reality, in this case, one in which the Dominion and her allies were victorious. With the core Federation worlds either decimated or firmly under Dominion rule and Starfleet destroyed, only a handful of ships remained in pockets of Federation resistance scattered across the galaxy.

The Invicta soon encountered one of these resistance vessels, the Defiant class USS Ronin-A, a ship that had yet to exist back in the prime universe. The Ronin, commanded by an alternate version of the Invicta’s Doctor Saveron, was in the middle of a battle with the Jem’Hadar when the Invicta appeared. The two ships quickly teamed up to defeat the Jem’Hadar and then worked together to figure out what exactly had happened.

The Ronin and Invicta returned to the Federation resistance’s base of operations, the Menthar Anchorage, which was also home to various refugees the resistance had managed to save. As Captain Kells and the Invicta crew tried to figure out how to get back, a question soon came up of whether or not the Ronin should be brought back with the Invicta. Though Captain Kells was reluctant to do so, Captain Saveron of the Ronin made the condition binding if the Invicta were to use the Ronin’s help in sealing the quantum fissure that threatened to collapse and destroy the entire region if not the galaxy and beyond once the barrier between quantum realities was broken.

The Dominion and Cardassians in the alternate universe soon learned of the appearance of the Invicta and moved to intercept her and the Ronin. As the two Federation ships attempted to use their warp fields to seal the fissure, the Dominion attacked, but they were too late. Once the Invicta reappeared back in the prime reality, however, they discovered that the Ronin had not arrived back with them, seemingly having remained behind.

“You don’t often get a chance to live through a ‘what if’ scenario of history,” said Crewman Second Class Priya Uddin, an engineer aboard the Invicta. “My father never really told me any of his old war stories from back when he was serving during those times, but seeing what could have happened if we’d lost makes me appreciate even more the fight he and the rest of his brothers and sisters in arms gave for our freedom.”

Shipboard court martial held aboard USS Invicta

ASTROFORI ONE — While docked at Astrofori One for shore leave, a rare shipboard court martial was held aboard the USS Invicta for the ship’s chief of security.

Recovering from their interrupted shakedown cruise in which members of the Q Continuum put them through a series of trials and games, the USS Invicta returned to Astrofori One, escorting the recovered USS Yamaguchi.

While some of the crew were able to enjoy R&R with a cultural festival hosted by the Taredge delegation aboard the station and a holodeck adventure of dubious historical accuracy, others had to deal with unexpected crises that occurred during shore leave. Chief engineer Tristam Core was stunned to see that the centerpiece of the Invicta’s unique bridge–a conference table for the senior staff–had gone missing, apparently traded away temporarily for favors. With the help of Astrofori One’s chief of operations Juanita Sanchez, he was able to retrieve the table just in time.

However, it was the shipboard court martial of chief of security Evan Delano that was heavy on most of the crew’s minds. A respected department leader, Delano was charged with the assault of a prisoner and conduct unbecoming of an officer. The prisoner, Commander Harrison Ross, who had previously betrayed the crew while serving as their first officer aboard the Garuda, was captured before he could execute his plan to assassinate New Alliance CEO Tyson Holt during the President’s State of the Federation address on Astrofori One earlier this year. When Ross goaded Delano during his interrogation, the chief of security performed a forced mind meld in an attempt to retrieve any more information from the traitor.

With Starfleet JAG not yet available at the newly opened Astrofori One station, Delano opted for a court martial aboard the Invicta. As such, first officer Roshanara Rahman served as prosecutor, Captain Aron Kells as his defense advocate, and the ship’s second officer Dr. Saveron as judge. In a stunning turn of events, Delano pleaded guilty to all charges.

During sentencing, Rahman had argued for Delano’s demotion, imprisonment, and dismissal from the service due to his loss of control. Kells countered that the circumstances of the case ultimately showed that Delano had in fact aided the true personality of Harrison Ross that had been subjugated by an implanted shadow personality. Saveron seemed swayed by this argument in his final ruling, stating:

“This is a complex case. With many, often conflicting, precedents. Does the end justify the means? Commander Harrison Ross is a wanted criminal, potentially involved in activities to the detriment of the Federation; now confirmed by the information which Commander Delano retrieved from his mind. Because of that information, those activities were neutralised. This I acknowledge.”

Saveron ruled that Delano be demoted to the rank of lieutenant. However, in light of the evidence and his previous service, his prison sentence was suspended, and he was instead sentenced to Vulcan emotional and telepathic training and community service by serving the diplomatic staff aboard the Invicta.

USS Yamaguchi saved from history’s fate

MENTHAR CORRIDOR — The USS Yamaguchi, destroyed at Wolf 359, has been saved from history, along with her crew, after the USS Invicta encounters the Q.

The Invicta had just launched on a shakedown cruise from Astrofori One when she soon encountered two members of the Q Continuum. One of the Q, named Quana, had acquired a collection of starships from across space and time, among them the USS Yamaguchi, previously destroyed with all hands at the Battle of Wolf 359 in 2367 against the Borg.

The Invicta crew were then split into two teams, one for each Q, in a twisted game of “capture the flag” that involved the teams trying to find their objective through twisted fantasies of their past memories. One team, led by the Invicta’s first officer Lt. Cmdr. Roshanara Rahman, involved trying to find a flag while surviving Dr. Raj Blueheart’s teenage torment on Luna. Another team on the Yamaguchi were brought back to the Terra Nova colony, home of the Yamaguchi’s first officer H’lill and his son Mei’konda, the Invicta’s chief of operations.

Ultimately, a third Q appeared and set an ultimatum for both Q. The Invicta and the Yamaguchi were suddenly trapped within a contracting cage and told only one ship would be permitted to escape. Captain Aron Kells soon formulated a plan with his crew and the help of Bandixen, a mysterious El-Aurian, to attempt to destroy the Yamaguchi as a distraction and beam the crew to the Invicta to leave. Fortunately, it seemed this plan of action was enough for one of the Q to be declared a winner, and with her victory, she was able to free both Invicta and Yamaguchi from the collection.

The Invicta returned to Astrofori One, along with the recovered Yamaguchi, for some much needed shore leave and reflection on their anything-but-routine shake down cruise.

Starfleet has begun contacting families of the Yamaguchi crew, who greeted the news with tears, joy, and in some cases, disbelief.

“I’m just in shock,” said Daniel Vasser, whose older sister Carmen was a helm/com/ops officer aboard the ill-fated ship. “To find out she’s still alive after all these years–along with everyone else. It’s like our family’s been given a second chance.”

USS Invicta caught in a game between Q

MENTHAR CORRIDOR — Just as the USS Invicta began her shakedown cruise out of Astrofori One, a pair of Q appeared as uninvited guests to the launch celebration.

With the Invicta Expedition announced earlier at the President’s State of the Federation address, Captain Aron Kells and his crew were preparing for a relatively uneventful shakedown cruise, meant mainly to entertain the large diplomatic contingent aboard the Cardiff class explorer and familiarize the crew with their new starship.

“The Invicta is a fine vessel, and I look forward to seeing what she can do during this demonstration,” remarked Lucius, Special Envoy for the Republic of Magna Roma, the day before the launch. “The people of Magna Roma fully support the President’s call for a renewal in the Federation’s exploratory endeavors. After all, an empire without new discoveries and stimulus is an empire in decline.”

Minutes into the cruise, however, the ship’s chief of operations Lt. Commander Mei’konda picked up a distress call from a seemingly impossible source: the USS Yamaguchi, his father’s ship that had been lost in battle against the Borg at Wolf 359 twenty-five years ago. The crew soon came across the old Ambassador class starship, very much intact and yet seemingly suspended in time.

As questions ran through their minds about what was going on, a brilliant flash of white light marked the first appearance of a member of the Q Continuum, who as per their custom, only identified herself as Q. More ships appeared around the Invicta, many of them ones that appeared to have been lost to history. When a second Q, this one choosing the name Quana, appeared on the bridge, the two Q revealed that they were involved in some sort of game, and the stakes involved the collection of ships Quana had acquired.

Powerless to argue with the Q, half of the senior staff of the Invicta were acquired by Quana and sent over to the Yamaguchi, where Mei’konda was reunited with his father H’lill, the ship’s first officer. The Q removed all but a handful of officers on each ship and tasked the teams with finding a flag somewhere on the vessel. This objective though wasn’t so simple as officers soon found themselves in elaborate fantasies. One involved Doctor Blueheart’s torment during his teenage years on Luna. Another involved Mei’konda and H’lill’s early life back on Terra Nova.

Meanwhile, the first Q met with Captain Kells privately and revealed her true objective. The Q Continuum wish for Quana’s obsession with her collection to end, and so Q has been tasked with defeating Quana in the game and winning the rest of the collection. Whether that means the Invicta, the Yamaguchi, and the other ships can go free though remains to be seen.

Introducing the USS Invicta

The USS Invicta, NCC-81407, is a state-of-the-art diplomatic courier vessel of the Cardiff class assigned to the Menthar Corridor. The Invicta succeeds the USS Garuda and the USS Mercury as the primary vessel assigned to the region, but unlike either of its predecessors, it is not an isolated explorer but is supported by the experimental diplomatic installation Astrofori One.

So begins the exciting adventures of the newest starship in the 118 fleet, the USS Invicta! The Invicta is the fleet’s first ship of the Cardiff class, a noncanon, fan-made design courtesy of the digital artist Paul Lloyd, who has kindly given his permission for the usage. The Invicta‘s most striking visual aspect is most likely its nontraditional warp drive. Like the Vulcan ships of EnterpriseInvicta doesn’t use the standard Starfleet nacelles but employs a ring-shaped, annual drive. The two nacelle-shaped components are in fact large sensors pods, full of equipment, laboratories, and personnel that allow the Invicta to be one of the most advanced science and diplomatic ships operating in the Star Trek universe.

In addition to the advanced scientific exploration Invicta can perform, the ship is also well-placed to become a diplomatic mainstay. The Vulcan warp drive is just one aspect of many that reflects the cooperative nature of her design, and you’ll find a strong contingent of visiting diplomats, civilian personnel, and unique aliens aboard Invicta. The final frontier awaits!

The Invicta has already launched, and you should be sure to follow her adventures, check out her stats, and join her crew for some informal discussion on the forums

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