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Invicta crew ordered to take a six month R&R leave

MENTHAR CORRIDOR — The crew of the USS Invicta share one last goodbye as they depart the Cardiff class vessel after a year with the expedition.

After officers became caught up in protecting the timeline in the 22nd century, it feels only right that the crews of the USS Invicta and USS Syracuse take a long break from the anomalies Starfleet continued to throw at them during their time aboard the vessels in Peaceforce Five.

Though it has been confirmed that Captain Joseph Washington will remain in command of the Invicta, and that it will continue to act as the spearhead for Peaceforce Five, the rest of the Invicta’s familiar faces (as well as a select group of other officers from the Syracuse and other vessels) will be pulled off the roster as many of those involved in the USS Venture’s time-jump incident go on a six month LOA for some much needed R&R.

Despite the Personnel department’s insistence the time be spent at home, many have requested reassignment to other stations – some officers traveling to Starfleet Academy, Utopia Planitia, and some as far as the Tholian border just to return to duty.

“The Invicta has had a tough couple of months,” Personnel officer Lieutenant Commander Kinan, responding to concerns about ‘overworked’ officers. “This is time Starfleet has specifically allocated to the crew so that they can return to their families or recuperate as they see fit. If that means clearing a medical and psych evaluation and going back to work, that’s their prerogative.”

Reports suggest that those no longer on the Invicta or Syracuse roster will be rotated onto a Starfleet vessel assigned to Colonial Coalition space. Currently, the only ship assigned to the area of space known as “The Shoals” is the USS Veritas.

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