Invicta crew tasked with preparations for Khitomer Centennial

Invicta crew tasked with preparations for Khitomer Centennial

ASTROFORI ONE — With their mission on Adova finished, the crew of the USS Invicta enjoyed a “low-key” shore leave on Astrofori One before being tasked with restoring a historic starship for the Khitomer Centennial celebrations next month.

Many members of the USS Invicta and USS Syracuse crews enjoyed time on the holodeck, on the space station, or simply remained aboard their respective vessels when Invicta and Syracuse pulled up at Astrofori One after a trying mission in the Adovan system. Along with an influx of Starfleet officers, Romulans and Al-Leyans, Astrofori One welcomed its first Rodulan trading party, currently holding talks with the Cardassian Union.
Drama, however, is always on the horizon. Reporters scrambled for more information when Commander Rune Jolara was interrogated upon suspicion of murder. Starfleet’s Astrofori One and Invicta officials have so far declined to comment, but FNS sources believe that the investigation into the murder of one Ryni Manova is now in the hands of Al-Leyan authorities.
On a positive note for Commander Jolara, the intelligence officer welcomed the birth of her first son, Krystyan. It’s believed Commander T’Lea delivered the newborn in an Invicta turbolift – and that it’s not the first birth for the Historian & Archaeological Specialist.
Meanwhile, engineers of both the Invicta and the Syracuse may be in for a work-heavy shore leave.
“I’ve got no time for extensive questions,” said Federation event planner for the Khitomer Accords Centennial Lieutenant Commander Kinan Venroe. “But yes, I can confirm that the Constitution class USS Venture will be making an appearance alongside the Invicta, Garuda, Mercury, Tiger, and Syracuse – forgive me if I’ve left anything out.”
Commander Kinan notified Syracuse commanding officer Cmdr. Roshanara Rahman that the original USS Venture, now known as the Venture Museum in orbit of Luna, must be space-ready for the centennial anniversary to be held next month.

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