Tensions rise in Menthar Corridor with Titus Vassily encounter

Tensions rise in Menthar Corridor with Titus Vassily encounter

ADOVA — Starfleet crews assisting the Adovan people with the removal of dangerous biological weapons have encountered wanted criminal Titus Vassily, who may have been working with a minority of Adovans known as the Vendalak to attempt a coup.

In a request for assistance by the planet’s leader, Arc Nen Mur Diiv, the crew of the Invicta split into teams to assist with destroying drones used to dispense a virus targeting those with telepathic genes and with the medical implications of those already affected.
While the Starfleet officers were on the surface of the planet, however, the drones were reactivated by an Adovan minority going by the name of Vendalak, lead by Biren Sak Duur. The Vendalak were intolerant of the Arc’s continued acceptance of telepathic Adovans. However, what they—and their ancestors who created the bioweapons—didn’t realize was that all Adovans actually harbor telepathic abilities.
“The actions of the Vendalak were that of a small minded group of people who did not want to evolve. They do not represent the beliefs of Adovans as a culture,” Petty Officer Angeline Loupaz reports. “However, their actions endangered the lives of the Invicta’s senior staff. A couple of them ended up in sickbay due to exposure to the virus and then some.”
Whilst the crew were engaged on the planet, the USS Syracuse and the Invicta were faced with new threats in the Adovan system. The Syracuse was grazed by a swarm of drones headed directly for the planet, effectively damaging their outgoing communications system. Commander Nic del Vedova was forced to pilot a shuttlecraft to warn the Invicta of the impending conflict.
As if the situation couldn’t get any more heated, the Syracuse’s commanding officer Cmdr. Roshanara Rahman discovered the presence of Titus Vassily, a criminal believed to be behind a number of arms deals, kidnappings, and assassinations. Vassily sought the bioweapons created by the Adovans, the very ones Starfleet had been asked to assist with removing. Starfleet officials report that it’s highly possible Vassily was working with the Vendalak, supplying the group for their plan to assassinate the Arc in exchange for the bioweapon. Ultimately, while the Invicta crew were able to help Arc Nen Mur Diiv thwart the coup and capture the Vendalak along with several of Vassily’s associates, Vassily himself evaded arrest.
Both crews are recovering safely at Astrofori One while Starfleet investigators look into Vassily’s involvement in Adovan affairs. The Adovan people now have much to discover about themselves with the truth of their physiology revealed.

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