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USS Venture swept back in time to 2267, faces Doomsday Machine

KAVOS SECTOR — After falling through a quantum rift and ending up in the 23rd century, the USS Venture preserved history by saving a future Klingon Chancellor from an ancient planet killing machine.

Having turned the old Constitution class USS Venture from a museum ship into a working vessel again for the parade celebrations at the centennial anniversary of the Khitomer Accords, the combined crews of the USS Invicta and USS Syracuse were returning home from Khitomer when they suddenly found themselves swept back in time through a rift to the year 2267 in the old Klingon Neutral Zone.

A group of Klingon D7 battle cruisers set upon them, but as the Venture made their escape into a nearby nebula to hide, the Klingon ships themselves were quickly destroyed by the planet killer, also known as the Doomsday Machine, heading on its way towards Federation space. History records state that it will encounter the USS Constellation and the USS Enterprise before eventually being defeated by Kirk and his crew.

The planet killer was threatening to destroy the remaining planets in the Kavos system when a landing party from the Venture was sent to retrieve a group of Klingon survivors on the surface, among them, the future Chancellor Gorkon, who helped broker peace between the Federation and the Klingon Empire that would lead to the signing of the Khitomer Accords in 2293.

However, the landing party on Kavos IV learned that it seemed Gorkon had succumbed to his injuries before they could reach him. Tensions were high between the Starfleet officers and the remaining Klingons, who were distrustful of the crew and believed the planet killer to be a new Federation superweapon.

Meanwhile, another team was sent to the wreckage of a Klingon vessel to salvage dilithium crystals needed for the journey home, running into their fair share of problems with the surviving crew. Upon reconnecting with the Venture, however, the crew and their Klingon guests began working together to find a way to disable the planet killer just as it set its sights on the historic vessel.

The crew launched two shuttles, one piloted by Lt. Cmdr. Rune Jolara and the other piloted by Ukith, a Klingon warrior. The plan was for the Venture to provide cover fire for the shuttles to make their way into the planet killer and self-destruct to damage the device enough that the Venture could warp away. The plan was successful, but Ukith gave his life in the attack when the planet killer destroyed his shuttle. Jolara was beamed back aboard at the last moment, and the Venture warped away just as the shuttle exploded within the machine, leaving it to repair itself and proceed onward to face off against Kirk as history recorded.

The Venture meanwhile reached the Klingon border to return their guests. There, they encountered a Klingon fleet of forty ships assembled to battle the planet killer. Learning that the Venture crew had taken care of the threat, the Klingon general in charge of the armada expressed his gratitude to Captain Roshanara Rahman and her crew. Rahman discovered the general was in fact General Gorkon, the man they had been hoping to save. Lieutenant Gorkon was in fact Gorkon the Second, his son. Though his son had perished, the general was moved by the efforts of the Venture crew working with the Klingon survivors to defeat a common threat, and the seeds for peace between the Federation and the Klingon Empire were planted.

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