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USS Atlantis investigates communications silence at Outpost Bravo

PIKTAR I — After Prometheus Station went silent, so did Outpost Bravo, which is linked to Prometheus Station, and the USS Atlantis has been dispatched to determine the status of their personnel.

While on route to Outpost Bravo, the crew celebrated the announced wedding of Ensigns Mathias Duncan and William Brax in holodeck 2 of Atlantis. The engagement party was attended by all and had an 80s theme associated with it. During the celebration, the Atlantis was hit by a debilitating anomaly which left the ship stuck in space with still several hours from its destination remaining.

Several crewmembers sustained injuries when Atlantis was struck by the anomaly, with the worst being that of Ensign Mary Fenelli, who has been left paralyzed (hopefully only temporarily). With the Atlantis unable to continue on her journey, Captain Raj Blueheart called a briefing to announce that an away team, led by Lieutenant Commander Tracey Townson, will proceed to Bravo Outpost to investigate the condition of that outpost while also delivering a virus sample for the scientists there, using the aeroshuttle Tiger Shark. The remaining crew remained behind to conduct repairs to Atlantis.

“He who creates controls to a degree the future,” commented Ensign Johnathan Pike.

Time-traveling planet: Ancient homeworld of Peppalexa reappears

PIKTAR SYSTEM — In the wake of the disaster aboard the Prometheus Station, the planet Peppalexa, which vanished from history thousands of years ago, has suddenly appeared in the same system.

“To be honest, I always thought Peppalexa was a myth,” said Dr. Marcus Brody, a professor of archeology at Marshall College on Earth. “Something along the lines of Atlantis or Vorta Vor. But some of my colleagues have long disagreed, and it looks like I owe them several bottles of wine.”

The Ancient Alliance is believed by some Federation archaeologists and historians to have been an alliance of spacefaring species that existed over ten thousand years ago. Their territory included the majority of the Menthar Corridor, and vast regions of the territories belonging to the Breen, Tholians, and Cardassians, as well as several other minor powers.

Based on fragmented historical records, the Peppalexa were once an integral and powerful member of the Alliance before they disappeared from Alliance records at the beginning of the Alliance’s decline. Historians have long assumed that their disappearance was due to several socioeconomic and political factors and that historical narratives that described the species and planet “vanishing without a trace” were merely that of legends and morality tales.

In addition to the taskforce Starfleet has already sent to the Piktar system in response to the Prometheus Station crisis, the USS Garuda has been assigned to investigate the Peppalexa homeworld. Initial reports from away teams indicate that the Peppalexa themselves may have had a hand in transporting their planet through time, either by accident or as a deliberate act by a group of separatists on the planet.

Regardless, temporal fragments remain across the planet. One away team had several members disappear suddenly only to reappear a few minutes later, while another away team led by the Garuda’s first officer Lt. Cmdr. Msafiri Bakari has seemingly vanished after beam down. Just as Captain Egan Manno and her crew began to work on finding their missing comrades, several Breen warships arrived in the system, apparently intent on protecting Peppalexa, which to the Breen is known as the “World of Heroes.”

Scientists baffled by strange readings as Starfleet assembles rapid response team

Zeta Gelis Region — After strange readings were recorded by the USS Dunbar, a small survey ship, shortly before it sent out a distress call, Starfleet has recommissioned the USS Darwin to immediately investigate.

Heated debate erupted among scientists aboard Deep Space 6 for the past week over the Dunbar’s readings with some warning that they are potentially the sign of an emerging anomaly, connected to the ongoing crisis at Prometheus Station in which massive subspace rifts have formed. Others believe the small ship’s sensors were poorly configured and merely picking up amplified readings from the Zeta Gelis cluster nearby.

Regardless, Starfleet has deemed that the situation warrants further investigation, especially in light of new details regarding the Dunbar’s dire situation.

“When the Dunbar checked in again six hours ago the transmission was garbled, and we were only able to receive a portion of their data package,” remarked Ensign Rhanu, the Ops officer aboard Deep Space 6 who was on duty at the time. “She’s currently adrift, being pulled towards the unidentified phenomenon, and their chief engineer is missing.”

Adding to the urgency are reports of Zalkonian activity in the area—their interest in the matter unknown but suspicious. The Zalkonians are a mysterious, isolationist people who rarely interact with other species or reveal their intentions. While it remains as yet unclear whether the Zalkonians are responsible for the disappearance of the Dunbar’s chief engineer, Starfleet is leaving nothing to chance.

The USS Darwin (NCC­-99312-A), a Horizon class vessel equipped with the fleet’s most advanced science suite and top of the range sensors, has been dispatched by Starfleet Sciences and Technologies (SST). For this crucial mission, Starfleet has entrusted command of the Darwin to Commander Renos, an officer with a demonstrated track record and whose previous experience with the Zalkonians should prove invaluable. Commander Renos and the Darwin will investigate the strange readings and their relation to the Prometheus crisis, the situation aboard the Dunbar, and determine the involvement and intentions of the Zalkonians.

Reactivated USS Excalibur-A rapidly deployed to Afehirr Sector

STARBASE 118 — In response to emerging threats in the Afehirr Sector, Starfleet has reactivated the USS Excalibur-A.

The Vesta class starship USS Excalibur (NCC-41903-A) launched under the command of Fleet Captain Kali Nicholotti and Lt. Commander Tyler Kelly on stardate 239202.16. The Excalibur’s crew compliment of 835 were taken from all over the fleet via voluntary transfer and mandatory assignment.

“Without me you are nothing. Without you I am nothing,” said Flt. Capt. Nicholotti to a stunned audience during a ceremony preceding the launch.

Although some questioned Nicholotti’s skills as a speechwriter, everyone looked forward to a new adventure.

The Excalibur’s first mission will take her to the Mercadian system in the largely uncharted Afehirr sector. An inhabited planet known only as Mercadia III lies directly in the path of strange waves of energy. The origin and intent of these waves remains unknown, however a mysterious force on the planet appears to be pulling the energy towards it like a magnet. The primary objective of the mission is to save the planet from total destruction by diverting the energy wave or, failing that, to facilitate an emergency evacuation operation. Needless to say, the crew will have their work cut out for them on what is sure to be a difficult first mission.

Meanwhile, the Excalibur herself is buzzing with less ominous activity. While the Captain faces her own lack of returning memories, the rest of the crew must find a way to trust her leadership. A Ferengi named Zogi is about to set up shop in the hope of making a fortune as the crew form new friendships while sharing a drink at the Black Hole bar. The relationship between LtJG. Aurora James and Major Irina Pavlova has moved to the next level, and they are preparing an engagement party after the conclusion of the mission, giving everyone something to look forward to.

While everyone aboard is fairly new to this particular Starfleet family, the crew is ready for whatever chaos the universe is ready to throw at them.

USS Thunder returns from classified mission to chaos on Duronis

DURONIS II — After completing a classified mission, the USS Thunder returned from parts unknown to face a planet in crisis in the wake of the disappearance and reappearance of Laudean Prime Minister Vail Daysa.

The classified mission was a continuation of the Thunder’s earlier mission to retrieve Lt. Cmdr. T’Lea, who had been sold from the pirate haven The Zone to Cardassian interests for the sole purpose of obtaining Iconian artifacts that the Cardassians planned to use to restructure time so that the Cardassian Union would have become the major power in the Alpha Quadrant. Armed with that information, Fleet Captain Toni Turner quickly formed a rescue mission to the planet Vetka, a planet fractured over a millennia ago but its fragments still retaining atmosphere. With the Thunder riding shotgun with Lt. Cmdr. Hannibal Parker in command, Fleet Captain Turner, Ambassador Della Vetri, Colonel Tyr Waltas and Lt. Cmdr. Rossh set out to retrieve or destroy the Iconian artifacts and to rescue their stolen officer.

Leaving the Thunder behind, the rescue team in disguise made their way through the asteroid field to the planet Vetka. Meanwhile, the Thunder made her way through the asteroid field, hopping from asteroid to asteroid, using the interference from the asteroids and stealth to get in close to Vetka, where Lt. Cmdr. Parker believed a Cardassian ship may have been waiting. His instincts were proven right as the Thunder closed to within point blank range of a Galor class cruiser seemingly undetected. Settling in under an asteroid, the Thunder awaited word from the rescue team while keeping the Galor under observation.

The rescue team procured the services of a native pirate to take them to the location of the Fire Heart, the former core of the planet and the probable location of the Iconian artifacts and T’Lea. After some difficulties, including an attack by very real dragons and the death of the pirate captain, the rescue team set down and made contact with the Cardassians. A tense standoff evolved into a firefight, and then the Galor opened up on the site.

In space, the Thunder opened fire on the Galor after it had fired upon the away team, severely crippling the Cardassian ship. The Thunder crew then scrambled to locate the away team.

On the surface, triumph turned to tragedy as the implants in T’Llea activated, with her severely injuring Fleet Captain Turner and Colonel Waltas, who also injured the hijacked commander. Ambassador Vetri ended up shooting T’Lea in the head, stopping the attack but also gravely injuring her. They were soon all beamed back up to the Thunder, which vacated the area.

On Duronis II, an insurgent attack on the Press Building injured Federation attache Lyldra and Lt. Cmdr. Irina Pavlova. Lt. Cmdr. Jorey undertook the dangerous mission of locating Gaev, the Laudean gangster responsible for the kidnapping of Prime Minister Vail Daysa. Finding him near the Dockyards, the Chief Of Intelligence queried the gangster and made a deal to assist each other. The deal was overheard by the rescue team headed by Pavlova. With Jorey now retrieved, the rescue team returned to the Embassy, where they continued to monitor the situation.

Repeated attempts to contact the Embassy and the USS Thunder had been met with silence until a terse communication from Lt. Cmdr. Kamela Allison aboard the Thunder.

“The Thunder has been involved in operations vital to the security of the Federation, and the situation on Duronis II is being monitored,” she said.

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USS Columbia going in blind by testing innovative sensors

USS COLUMBIA — Captain Ben Livingston of the USS Columbia has put his crew to the test by asking them to find the proverbial “needle in a haystack.”

“There will be any number of obstacles in our path; I’ve called in some favors. But somewhere in that field will be one of these,” said Captain Livingston, as he held up an antique steel sewing needle.

The crew of Columbia had enjoyed a well-deserved shore leave on Pernipia Gamma IV before continuing onward to StarBase 118. While for most people the leave meant light flirting or exploring the station’s commercial sector, Lt. Cmdr. Silveira took advantage of those few days off to visit his Andorian family.

Once everyone was back aboard the Nebula class starship, a senior staff meeting revealed the details of their next mission: the Columbia’s old sensor pod had been reinstalled, only this time it had been upgraded with specialized sensors. These sensors used a brand new technology that forced the crew to rethink the way they worked.

This though was nothing compared to what their captain had in store, as among the various challenges set for them, they would also need to pinpoint the location of a sewing needle.

As the crew familiarized itself with their new sensors, it wasn’t long before Ensign Beyett and Lt. Cmdr. Silveira found the first object that had been concealed in their area of operation.

Meanwhile, in some corridors below decks, a conduit ruptured and started to spray gases. Along with this, proving that the tests were well under way, a squad of four Mark VI Anti-Personnel Training Drones started to roam the ship.

Hostile intelligence discovered within Genesis Cloud

MENTHAR CORRIDOR — While surveying the largest protomatter cloud ever discovered, the USS Garuda found itself fending off a botanical infestation controlled by a hostile intelligence within the cloud.

“One minute, I’m working on a diagnostic, and then the next, I see ten engineers struggling to break free of the vines coming out of the machinery,” said Petty Officer Angeline Loupaz, an engineer aboard the Garuda.

The sudden infestation appeared overnight. The Garuda had been ordered to investigate the Genesis Cloud, which had been discovered by the Qilin Project. Initial sensor readings were off the scale of any previously found protomatter deposits.

The survey would also be a diplomatic mission that hoped to rebuild trust and understanding between the Federation and the Community, a species native to the Menthar Corridor comprised of a collective consciousness that uses plant-like forms to communicate. Representatives of the Community came aboard the Garuda to witness standard Starfleet scientific procedures and evaluate the crew.

By all accounts, the survey itself was a success as an engineering team headed by Garuda’s chief engineer Lt. Cmdr. Tristam Core and operations chief Lt. Cmdr. Mei’konda constructed a specialized shuttle dubbed the Robert Ballard to explore the volatile protomatter cloud and collect samples.

“We had to be very careful,” explained Lt. JG Danielle Vistain, a shuttlebay ops engineer. “Protomatter is highly unstable. Even the slightest disturbances from a ship or shuttle’s systems can cause it to ignite. Rather than strip an existing shuttle bare, we decided it’d be easier to use spare parts to build an entirely new craft.”

Expertly piloted by Lt. Kaitlyn Falcon, the shuttle returned safely with the valuable data, and alpha shift retired for the night.

Yet things slowly grew amiss in the early hours of the morning. As drastically growing plants began spreading across the ship, the Garuda’s chief science officer Lt. Alora DeVeau went missing.

“I knew something was wrong when she left her office a mess,” said Lt. JG Alif Lepore, a quantum biologist. “This was an important mission, what with the Community reps and the Diplomatic Corps watching so closely. Lt. DeVeau is always meticulous about her work.”

Additional reports of other missing crew members came in, including that of one unfortunate crewman who had been dressed as Santa Claus for a department Christmas party. The children would have to wait a little bit longer for their presents as the crew soon found themselves battling a shipwide plant infestation. From small houseplants to the large trees of the ship’s arboretum, it seemed all plant life aboard the Garuda was being affected somehow by the protomatter, growing exponentially in size.

Worse, it was apparent that the plant life exhibited hostile behaviors as crew members struggled against slithering vines attempting to capture them.

Finally, DeVeau reappeared, her body having been taken over by an alien influence. Holding hostages in the arboretum, she announced to the Garuda’s commanding officer Captain Cassandra Egan Manno that she was speaking on behalf of the Kindred, an intelligence that resided within the Genesis Cloud. Its intent was to capture the crew and use their bodies to escape the protomatter cloud.

However, Egan Manno had a plan. The shuttlecraft Ballard was secretly piloted by remote back into the center of the cloud. Then, during Egan Manno’s direct meeting with DeVeau in the arboretum, the captain revealed the shuttle would ignite the entire cloud if the Kindred did not comply. The Kindred were defiant, and the captain gave the order, destroying the cloud and bringing the crisis to an end.

As the Garuda’s crew began cleaning up the mess, the mission left many reflecting on the chaos.

“We lost a lot during this mission. I’ve only been here a short time, but I can tell this mission has left a mark on ship and crew,” said Ensign Ryan King, a security officer. “I myself am suffering from premature hair loss—though the nurse assures me it’s only temporary. I’m willing to make my sacrifices to continue the Federation’s mission though—and as long as my hair grows back. The nurse tells me it will with the gel…”

Others weren’t sure how they were going to explain this to their friends and families.

“I know no one back home’s going to believe me,” said Loupaz. “I hate plants.”

Hostages freed as USS Constitution saves Deep Space 285 from destruction

AVALON SECTOR — What began as seemingly another attack by the Maquis Reborn has proven to be a more complicated plot of subterfuge as the USS Constitution defended Deep Space 285 from an asteroid attack and freed several hostages.

“The investigation is ongoing,” said Starfleet Public Affairs officer Commander A.J. Ciaravolo in San Francisco, “but it appears this was the work of an isolated extremist.”

When the USS Constitution arrived back at Deep Space 285, the crew was expecting a relatively quiet shore leave. Several new crew members also were assigned to the ship. Shore leave proceeded normally with members of the crew exploring and enjoying the entertainment facilities of the station. However when Lt. Cmdr. James was rushed to emergency surgery, several members of the crew for various reasons ended up in the station’s sickbay.

They were suddenly and violently taken hostage by agents, led by a vicious Moropa named Kav-Nhoo of the Maquis Reborn. The terrorists were able to lock out Deep Space 285 from sickbay and seal themselves in with the members of the crew. However, their initial demands were unknown.

Word slowly started to trickle to DS285’s commanding officer Lt. Cmdr. Glim Kyyrampa that something was amiss in sickbay. She contacted the docked Constitution, which was under the command of Lt. Cmdr. Siris, one of the new arrivals aboard the ship. It was quickly determined who was in sickbay and that they were dealing with a hostage situation.

Several hours of tense negotiations ensued, with the remaining Constitution crew doing everything in their power to assist the captured officers.

As the situation in sickbay played out, it was proving difficult to make any progress with the hostage takers as the station’s efforts to free the prisoners had produced no results. Eventually, Kav-Nhoo’s accomplices overrode the station’s command codes, which left the station in no position to defend itself. To make matters even worse, Kav-Nhoo pulled his first big surprise by somehow summoning dozens of asteroids from a faraway region of space and sent them hurtling towards the defenseless station.

Siris, thinking quickly, ordered the Constitution to separate into two parts, sending the stardrive section of the ship, under his command, towards the origin of the asteroids to destroy as many as possible. The saucer section, under the command of Lt. Faranfey, would remain behind to help destroy the asteroids and assist if at all possible with the evacuation of Deep Space 285. The ship’s fighter wings were mobilized to assist the saucer section.

With the station sitting defenseless, the Constitution and the remaining crew aboard admirably did their best to defend the station. In the chaos of the evacuation and the attack, the hostage takers managed to beam out of sickbay and meet at their rendezvous point. As they escaped off the station, Kav-Nhoo revealed his next big surprise—he wasn’t Kav-Nhoo at all but rather an older Terran male named Ruchard.

The Constitution crew members who were still in sickbay were hemmed in by toxic gases, locked doors, and booby-trapped corridors, forcing them to take the unorthodox method of fleeing through the Jefferies tubes. While Ensign Bishop protested under medical grounds, the team moved the unconscious James through the tubes.

Luckily for the officers, Ensign Feraoun and Lt. JG McCleran managed to lock transporters onto the group and beam them directly to the Constitution’s sickbay, located in the saucer section of the ship. Siris merged the two sections of the ship back together and returned to DS285.

Starfleet officer attacks fellow crew members during promotions ceremony

DEEP SPACE 26 — A Starfleet officer has been dismissed from the service and faces prison after being found guilty of assaulting two fellow officers aboard the USS Atlantis.

The Atlantis had returned from her mission in the Norlian Nebula, with the crew enjoying their much needed shore leave. Following a judicial hearing, Atlantis’s commanding officer Captain Raj Blueheart was cleared of charges of war crimes and returned to command the Atlantis. A promotions party was held for the crew where Ensigns Daro Conti, Thomas Janeway and T’Var Helling were promoted to lieutenant junior grade. Lt. Rendal Rennyn was also promoted to the rank of lieutenant commander.

Right after handing out the awards, Captain Blueheart and his first officer Cmdr. Marcus Dickens left for Earth to attend to Lt. Emerson Ravenscroft’s funeral. When the commanding officer and first officer returned to the Atlantis, they were shocked to learn that during the post-awards party, under the influence of Vulcan pon farr, Lt. JG Janeway physically assaulted two of his fellow officers. He was instantly remanded and following a highly publicized trial, was found guilty and promptly expelled from Starfleet. His sentencing is to be held at a later date.

“Starfleet will not tolerate such insolence and gross misconduct from any of its officers,” said Admiral Westerrhoff from Starfleet Command. “We owe the Federation worlds our trustworthiness and our benevolence. There is no place for violence or terrorism in the Federation, never mind Starfleet.”

The crew was visibly shaken by the incident which almost tore them apart. With the matter having barely been resolved by higher authorities, the crew found themselves ordered by Commodore Heather Westhaven to investigate the strange silence of Outpost Bravo and Prometheus Station in the Piktar System. Thus, the crew of the said Admiral Westerrhoff from Starfleet Command. must tend to their wounds and come together as a team quickly as they embark on their latest mission. Only time will tell if their emotional bond is strong enough to hold them together through thick, thin and temporal anomalies.

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