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USS Atlantis Assists The Valcarian Imperial Republic With A Sudden Outbreak During Val Tesai

TIBRO – While at Tibro to celebrate a winter festival, a deadly outbreak prompts the crew of the USS Atlantis to offer assistance.

“Welcome to Tibro, esteemed guests!” These were the words spoken to the first officers from the Federation to ever step foot on a Valcarian world by the Valcarian Ambassador Grand Admiral Lorrein Dels’an. 

Among these Starfleet officers were Commander Jarred Thoran, Lieutenant Commander Serala, Lieutenant Maddi Hyden, and Counselor Devin Nehir. Following this warm greeting, the crew of the USS Atlantis (NCC-74682) spent a few days enjoying the sights and atmosphere of the winter festival of Tibro. 

However, a few days later, a highly fatal outbreak of an unknown disease occuring at a nearby dig site set the crew into a state of alarm. 

Sent to assist with the quarantine and medical efforts was a team led by Commander Alexander Williams, with Lieutenant Commander Toryn Raga, Lieutenant David Knight, Hyden, Lieutenant Kiax and the civilian science advisor Dr Stevok. While the team worked to gather samples and identify the source of the outbreak, Williams partially interrupted this effort when recalled to Earth for his new assignment.

During this, a second-team, including Dr Anath G’Renn, Dr Ishkabela Journs, Lieutenant Trelixxa Maeli, Marine Captain Kurt Logan and Lieutenant Kiliak Jo were in the local market when they observed one local suddenly collapse and raced to aid her. It was quickly learned that this was not the first occurrence in the city and appeared to be the beginnings of an epidemic. The team moved to a local storefront that Valcarian officials appropriated for use as a makeshift treatment facility. Their efforts to determine the nature of the outbreak and determine treatment is still in the early stages.

On a third front, the Valcarian Ambassador requested Thoran to join her on a trip to her local villa. Thoran, suspecting there was more involved that the Ambassador had not said, called Serala, Marine Cpt. Amuro McKnight and Counselor Nehir to join him. Just prior to their departure on the Ambassador’s yacht, an unexpected visitor joined them: Commander Revix from the Romulan Star Empire, present at the request of the Ambassador. The yacht is out of communication and their whereabouts are unknown.

With the sudden departure of Williams, Raga has assumed command at the dig site and the urgency to determine the cause and cure of this epidemic has increased because one of their own, Kiax has become infected herself and has exhibited symptoms.

Raga’s inability to raise the Captain and his team raises concerns and reports from the dig indicate a search is under consideration.


Written by Serala

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