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First Annual Biathlon on Giáng Sinh, Birthday Celebrations of Wolf 359 Veteran

GIÁNG SINH — First annual winter sports biathlon takes place on new colony and the crew of the USS Gorkon (NCC-82293) finishes their tour with a celebration.

As efforts to discover what the phenomenon causing the freak winter on Giáng Sinh is, the crew of the Gorkon has set up the first annual winter sports biathlon. Support for the event flooded in from all corners of the establishing colony, as officers indulged in the activities on the ice. The brainchild of Lieutenant Samira Neathler, and winner of the first biathlon tournament, the contest saw stiff competition from the athletic officers, competing in two categories; cross-country skiing around the frozen lake and shooting. 

Petty Officer Robert Peek required medical intervention during his stay on the surface when his tongue became stuck to a frozen cylindrical pole. He is making a full recovery and had only glowing words to say about the medical treatment received at the constructed clinic on base. 

Because of the increased volume of winter-related injuries, Doctor (Lieutenant Commander) Genkos Adea stated, “Please, and I cannot stress this enough, do not stray off the course.”

While some took to the winter pursuits with aplomb, others were content to remain on the side-lines and watch the events unfold. One commentator commended the young Counsellor, Lieutenant Junior Grade Corliss Fortune, who confused almost everyone present in the commentators stands to rant about “stolen kisses and skipping steps in the dating manual,” before leaving to rendezvous for “a warm fire and a hot drink with her loved one.” 

Scientists stationed on the planet recording the effects of the “snowball situation” provided a brief update on recent findings. Retreating glaciers appear to have some impact on the unprecedented increase of methane gas, produced from huge domes on the seabed below the ice caps. When superheated for terraformation, the release of the gas gradually into the air, however, during the rapid expansion of the effort to form the crust layers, gas exponentially escaped, thus creating a thermogenic effect on the planet. 

“The results of our findings were unexpected,” explained Doctor Dovya Dinaslo, the lead astronautical engineer for civilian research and development company Orbital TrailBlazer. “Unexpected spikes in the data shows the natural gases of the planet were beyond the initial survey conducted. Measures are now in place to take the effects into account.”

Finishing their extended stay on Giáng Sinh with a bang, the crew of the Gorkon celebrated in style with a birthday party in honour of their Strategic Operations Officer, Rodulan Lieutenant Commander Caedan Nkai, ringing in sixty-years. A milestone already passed, the Commander has dedicated forty-years to Starfleet, graduating from the Academy in 2360. A veteran of the Battle of Wolf 359 and the USS Yamaguchi, with an illustrious career already under his belt, the FNS wishes Commander Nkai the very best for the future.


Written by Jocelyn Marshall

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