Eagle Crew Investigates Nivean Ring After Festivities

DIALRAN SYSTEM —Following a mostly restful and enjoyable shore leave, the crew of the starship Eagle began an investigation into a remarkable stellar structure; a Nivean Ring.

“Think of a big metal doughnut around a star,” said Crewman First Class Fawler. “Now think of two doughnuts. Voila. Nivean Ring.”

Though Starfleet’s science division considered such an object theoretically possible, the enormousness of such a project rivalled that of the Dyson Sphere, a design thought similarly unfeasible until the discovery of the Jenolan Sphere some thirty years previous. Starfleet’s close collaboration with a species native to the Wilds, the Mithgiln, led to its discovery.

“We launched a probe to get as many readings as we could of the phenomenon,” explained Stellar Attaché Targhel, a spokesperson for the Mithgiln Institute of Administrated Astrophysics. “Unfortunately, for reasons we can not yet discern, we lost contact with it. We contacted Starfleet hoping they might offer help.”

Shortly after this, the USS Eagle dispatched to begin its own investigations into both the Ring and the probe’s malfunction. Freshly rested and recognised after recent harrowing adventures, and with the spirit of fallen comrades securing their camaraderie, the crew showed considerable enthusiasm for the mission.

In light of their efforts to stop the undercover Cardassian agent from causing greater harm to Starbase 821, the Eagle and the Federation, the entire senior staff was awarded the Joint Meritorious Unit Award. Science officer Quentin Collins was promoted to Department Chief and Lieutenant Commander in the wake of the incident, which left Lieutenant Commander Kayla Drex injured and unfit for service. Ensigns Gavin Kinnear and Artinus Serinus were similarly honoured with a promotion.

Arriving at the Ring, the Eagle made several remarkable discoveries. Most influential of these is the existence of a pre-industrial civilization of considerable size living on one of the Ring’s habitable enclaves. Along with this revelation came the knowledge that the Ring’s internal functionality was damaged and unstable.

Finally, the discovery of a strangely decomposed engine nacelle, far from the town of sentient life forms but within their biome, added immediacy and concern to their fact-finding mission. Fully disguised, and with the Prime Directive very much in mind, a landing party beamed down, split into two teams, and prepared to investigate the situation from a more in-depth perspective.

Written by Randal Shayne

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