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Assembly Debate Delayed By Incident Outside Ketar V Capitol

KETAR V — While politicians debate the future of the Romulan population inside, a dissident has openly fired into a group of pro-Romulan protestors, injuring three people. Investigations continue.

The incident occurred during a communications blackout, prompting a Capitol-wide lockdown. The Starfleet crew of the USS Veritas joined the Colonial Coalition Marshals in the investigation of the system failure, but quickly diverted their focus to the search for the assailant. Marshals engaged in a chase on-foot and detained one suspect within minutes. Three people, unnamed by the authorities, were injured during the incident.

Locked in the Capitol until they lift security measures, Ketar’s leadership returned to deliberations regarding the potential Romulan relocation. With the guidance of Secretary Lily Ventu, sent by the United Federation of Planets President Narala, the debate between Representatives James Robinson and Tessara drew to a close.

“We can start with equal opportunity,” Tessara stated to the gathered representatives. “Entry-level employment appears racially charged, whether we want it to — so we look back to determine where it comes from: education.”

To promote compromise, Robinson shocked parties with a subdued agreement. “We have made efforts to integrate our Romulan neighbours. In the interest of leaving no doubt in the Secretary’s mind of that, then yes, I agree.”

As the two protest groups outside dispersed, Ketar V Governor Thompson pledged to work on Romulan inclusivity in education and the Ketar workforce.


Written by Sky Blake

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