Gorkon Crew Recalled From Giáng Sinh To Aid Væron, Romulan Republic Colony

Gorkon Crew Recalled From Giáng Sinh To Aid Væron, Romulan Republic Colony

VÆRON — Enroute back to their home sector for the task force, the USS Gorkon (NCC-82293) detours to assist the Romulan Republic Colony of Væron, a former Romulan Star Empire world.
A host of issues has plagued the colonial world of Væron since the withdrawal of the Romulan Star Empire and subsequent handover to the Romulan Republic. Once believed to be of little strategic importance, they found the planet significantly laced with benamite — the crystalline component used in the quantum slipstream drive. Upon invitation, both the Republic and the Federation mined the world, both to prevent Star Empire interference in the mining effort, and also to provide some measure of a political stratagem for the growing relations between the two factions.
However, volatile and uneasy as the alliance may be, tensions have come to a head recently following further Republic claim on the deposits available within the core of the planet, and a disputed section of mining deposit the Federation also lays claim to. From the disputed section, Federation miners have recently disappeared, and so, a Starfleet investigate is necessary to bring the climbing pressures down to an amicable level with intervention, if required.
“They vanished, into thin air,” explained Senior Engineer Upohk, in a statement given to the Federation authorities. “There is no manner in which to get in or out of the mine without bypassing the robust security. Perhaps the walls have eaten them. Now, do not waste my time.”
Unusual activity reported on the other side of the planet is also under investigation. A team deployed recently to the surface has begun their inquiry into the strange behaviour exhibited by both wild and aquatic life in the science reserve. On the nature reserve further south of the continent, they received similar reports of wildlife endangering one another in a manner not yet seen by scientists. Whether it links the two situations is unclear.
Sources indicate another team has landed on the planet surface with a unique mission to investigate, however, Starfleet has remained tight-lipped about the mission and the circumstances for the fourth unit.
Meanwhile, Rear Admiral Quinn Reynolds and Captain Theo Whittaker provide diplomatic liaison between faction authorities during a meeting to take place on the Gorkon.
It is noted, in a small ceremony before the crew were assigned to their teams, that efforts and considerable dedication were the focus of the meeting. Assistant Chief of Security Samira Neathler, described as hard-working and conscientious, received a promotion to Lieutenant Commander and, subsequently, became the Department Head of Security and Tactical. Corliss Fortune, well-renowned counsellor and for her efforts in crew rehabilitation was promoted to full Lieutenant. In recognition for his dedication to the ship, Loxley received a promotion to Lieutenant, Junior Grade, with all the rights and privileges thereof.
Written by Jocelyn Marshall

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