April 2013

New Academy Graduates

Please welcome our newest class of Academy graduates to the UFOP: StarBase 118 fleet: Kaitlyn Falcon, Mnheia Thieurrull-Orpheus Khellian, and Brian MacRae!

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March for USS Avandar

Back out beyond the Romulan Empire once again, the USS Avandar soon found itself receiving an automated distress call from an unidentified ship. When they investigated, the crew found the

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SDC Spotlight: Zakdorn

The Zakdorn are a playable species, one with the unusual reputation of being the best strategists in the universe. As a result they have not been challenged by any other

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March for the USS Apollo

The USS Apollo, NCC-71669, has just left the Quatal system after taking final scans of what remained of the weapons manufacturing facility. The workers in the facility activated a self

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New service ribbon: Medical Science

A new service ribbon has been introduced and is available to be awarded starting immediately. The Medical Science Ribbon recognizes members of Starfleet who participate in, and successfully find a

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March for the USS Tiger

The crew of the USS Tiger has enjoyed a much needed extended shore-leave at DS 17 after two missions back-to-back. After a promotion ceremony, many found recreation in the Holodeck,

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