SDC Spotlight: Zakdorn

SDC Spotlight: Zakdorn

zakdornThe Zakdorn are a playable species, one with the unusual reputation of being the best strategists in the universe. As a result they have not been challenged by any other species for more than 9 millennia. Odd, really, when you consider that they do not present a very intimidating aspect in person. They tend to be slightly overweight and appear to be slow-witted.
While it is true that they are not excellent athletes, they do have very intelligent and analytical minds. Unfortunately, they know it and are not afraid to show it. Many people go out of their way to challenge them, hoping to beat them. It is an extremely rare case when one of them is beaten at any kind of strategic game.
They can be smug and overconfident, but with good reason. They know what they can do. For the most part they occupy positions that requires excellent analytical or organizational skills. They can be found scattered all over the Federation working for Federation interests or as independent contractors.
As members of the Federation, their contribution has been lacklustre, except for the fact that they tend to occupy jobs where their skills can best be utilized.
They are probably one of the harder species to sim for. After all, they tend to be more academic than physically motivated. That, and their general attitude of superiority, can make them into unique characters with great potential for character development.

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