March for USS Avandar

March for USS Avandar

Avandar ThumbnailBack out beyond the Romulan Empire once again, the USS Avandar soon found itself receiving an automated distress call from an unidentified ship. When they investigated, the crew found the source of the signal to be inside an asteroid field, a field who’s chemical composition made attempts to scan less than effective.
With caution, the Avandar began getting closer, and was eventually able to detect a pair of ships – one little more than wreckage, whilst the other was very much active. Before much could be done to react to this discovery, the Avandar began suffering massive power drain, quickly identified as coming from something among the asteroids. To add to the trouble, the active one of the ships they’d found moved to attack.
Within minutes, the Avandar’s crew had some major problems on their hands – not least of which was the fact that the power drain had effectively stripped the ship of it’s shields and allowed boarders to infiltrate and begin grabbing anything they could. The intruders were repelled, but not without the loss of a fair amount of hardware, and their ship broke away. The Avandar is now left with deciding what to do about the attack, and also how best to deal with their first contact with a species that they had only ever really encountered in old second-hand Romulan reports.

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