We Need You: Into Darkness Recruitment Drive

We Need You: Into Darkness Recruitment Drive

150px-PT_logoThe push is beginning! The doors to our fantastic roleplaying community are always open to new members, but we need you to help us knock down the front wall in order to accommodate a stampede of new members when Star Trek: Into Darkness hits our screens! Every available fleet member can easily spend a little under 10 minutes to help us to advertise our group and channel that stampede in the right direction!
“So what do I need to do,” I hear you ask?
Simple! We’re looking to increase our representation across active Star Trek forums with the group’s best possible ambassadors – you guys! All you need to do to start helping is to head here to find a list of active forums, make sure you’re signed up, and start posting! There should already be a place to post personal logs for your character (look for SB118 in Roleplaying/SIMming/Gaming) but you don’t have to restrict yourself to that! Join in with anything at all that’s happening on the board, making sure you’re always representing us well and painting us in a good light!
So how does that get us new members? When you join the forum, make sure you have a great sig (you could use the one you already have for our own forums if it’s compliant with forum rules!) and include a link to our main site (https://starbase118.net) in your signature text! The combination of an eye catching signature, a catchy slogan and that link should have members flocking to our gates!
Remember – you don’t need to be a member of the Publicity Team to go forth and recruit! If you get a taste for it then please feel free to join us!

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