Publicity Team: Continuing Mission!

Publicity Team: Continuing Mission!

publicityAs Star Trek: Into Darkness draws ever closer, it’s time for UFOP: Starbase 118 to prepare to send out hails on all frequencies in preparation to bring as many people as we can into the fleet! The best possible ambassador for our group is YOU! Who better to instill enthusiasm into the legions of trek fans out there and tempt them to join our ranks!
While the Publicity Team members put their pedal to the metal, there are a couple of little things that the membership at large (that’s you!) can do that will have a serious impact in helping us out! For those of you who have Facebook accounts, we’d love you to follow us! Everyone who likes and shares our posts is spreading the good word to friends who may potentially do the same! That gives us a shot at reaching people who we would otherwise not be reaching, and there’s no telling who we could tempt in. The same goes for Twitter! Give us a follow and retweet our posts! It’s all great advertising!
Also, we have a great opportunity to make an impact in real life by posting our awesome flyers in local comic book/sci-fi stores! To find out how to get one, for free, and help to spread the magic to other trek fans, head here. Advertising in this way helps us reach out to countless people who may not know that we exist or that email roleplaying exists!
If you’re interested in joining the Publicity Team to help with the big push, check out our recruitment page!
With your help, we should be able to dramatically increase the number of people who want to join our awesome fleet over the course of the next couple of months and beyond! Any time you can spare for us would be greatly appreciated! Remember – more members means more ships, a stronger community, and huge possibilities for the future!

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