New service ribbon: Medical Science

Medical Science RibbonA new service ribbon has been introduced and is available to be awarded starting immediately. The Medical Science Ribbon recognizes members of Starfleet who participate in, and successfully find a cure to a deadly, infectious disease which threatens to infect an entire planet or crew. This ribbon will serve as recognition for a job well done in saving the lives of others through scientific research, determination, and personal risk.

The USS Tiger prompted the creation of this ribbon, from a mission to Bilire IV during the Klingon Invasion summer blockbuster. A cure was needed for a biologically engineered deadly disease called “The Wrath” which had plagued the Romulan colonists on Bilire VI (also Bilire IV) for over a year, and had begun to infect other species. The crew was successful in aiding the citizens of this planet and finding a cure.

Members who believe their actions since January 2012 may have earned them this ribbon should contact their captain and ask for consideration.

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