August 2012

Service Ribbons for July

Service Ribbons are In Character awards presented to characters for acts of heroism and participation in plots and campaigns. Ribbons can be received at any time, but are generally presented

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July Recruitment Statistics

Each month, the Publicity Team posts the number of applications our community received for the current year and how those applicants found our group. This summary will give you an

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Fleet Promotions for July

The staff of UFoP: StarBase 118 would like to take a moment and recognize the promotions for July.  Please join us in congratulating the following members when you see them

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Harry Harrison Passes Away

The science fiction satirist Harry Harrison has passed away at the age of 87. Harrison is best known for his novel “Make Room! Make Room!” adapted into one of the Science Fiction classics

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Even Mars Has Bureaucrats…

Sorry for the alarming title, but the subject matter of this article may just be that alarming. Alarming, yes; but not in the sense of mechanical failure, or economic catastrophe. 

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