August 2012

July Plot Summary: USS Mercury

The crew of the USS Mercury has continued their exploration of the derelict space station in orbit above Eta Corvi IV. Interactions with the amphibious and pre-warp Corvian race have

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The Kodiak Legacy Endures

In March of 1999, the Federation starship Kodiak was launched under the command of Captain Jasen Rendary and his first officer Commander Lang Vedoc. Later the ship would be best

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Where No Man Has Gone Before

“That’s one small step for [a] man, one giant leap for mankind.”  – Neil Alden Armstrong On July 21st, at 2:56am (UTC), Neil Armstrong stepped off the ladder of the

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July Plot Summary: USS Drake

The mission to the former Jetkim republic was concluded successfully with the announcement of the new government’s intention to hold open and free elections. Leaving the support of the fledgling

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