The Kodiak Legacy Endures

In March of 1999, the Federation starship Kodiak was launched under the command of Nav-kodiak-a.jpgCaptain Jasen Rendary and his first officer Commander Lang Vedoc. Later the ship would be best known as Vice Admiral Hollis Calley’s ship. The venerable Bajoran admiral would become the only player to have served aboard all of the various incarnations of the Kodiak as well as her successor ship, the Ursa Major. He would command all but the original Galaxy class ship. After all of these years, the mark of the Kodiak is still deeply imprinted in the fleet. Every single commanding officer currently serving in the Starbase 118 fleet traces his or her lineage back to the Kodiak under the command of Admiral Hollis.

The story begins in early 1999 when the group was already a mature 5 years old. The Kodiak became the second command of Captain Jasen Rendary, following his captaincy training aboard the Ithaca. Rendery was portrayed as a Native American and he chose the name Kodiak for his ship as a reflection of his character’s roots. Interestingly enough, Rendary was actually Apache and the name Kodiak was more associated with Alaska, which is quite far away from the traditional Apache nation. The connection to the Kodiak Bear would lead to the ship earning the nickname, the Great Bear.

Captain Rendery’s first mission as captain would be to rescue the survivors of the Daris Colony, which at the time was its own simming group within the UFOP. Rendary’s reign as master of the Kodiak would be short lived. His character would be killed off later that summer coinciding with the decommissioning of the Kodiak following a battle with the Tholians.

First Officer Lang Vedoc would take over the group as commanding officer, but it would be a few months before a new Kodiak would be launched. While the new Kodiak was being built, the group served aboard the USS Regent. The new Kodiak, also known as the Kodiak-A would be a Dauntless Class ship.  This was somewhat of a controversial choice of Captain Vedoc. The Dauntless Class was first featured in an episode of Voyager called Hope and Fear where an alien race constructed their own Federation Starship known as the Dauntless to trick the crew of Voyager. The use of a Dauntless Class vessel was explained as Starfleet finding merit in the design upon their examination of Voyager’s logs after she had returned to Earth. Some of the features of the Kodiak-A were over the top. The ship had extravagant decor like a brass chandelier in the wardroom and real wood conference tables. It was separable into a “saucer” and “stardrive” sections which were both warp capable. The Kodiak-A would also be known for having a full complement of marines and fighters. A wing command of fighters known as the GS50s would help to guard the Kodiak-A during battle.

Within a year of the Kodiak-A’s commissioning, Hollis Calley would take command. Hollis began his career in the UFOP as the counselor aboard the original Galaxy Class Kodiak. During Hollis’ tenure as commanding officer of the Kodiak-A, several future commanding officers would serve aboard who would become the building blocks of the current fleet. The Kodiak-A would split multiple times over the years. First Captain Xan Hebron would depart, launching the Constitution-B. Shortly thereafter, Captain Jordan Hurne would spin off the Victory. Then less than a year later, Captain Christopher Hutton would launch the Steadfast. Other future commanding officers also spent time aboard this ship such as Captains La’ang, Daninburg, Avatar, Y’Shirad, Perkins, Taboo, and T’Pen not to mention the  future Admiral Jessa Anasassi. Although many future commanding officers began their careers as the first officer of the Kodiak, Hollis never actually served in this capacity. When Captain Vedoc left the fleet, Hollis was second officer.  At the time there was a Lieutenant Commander exchange program underway in the group. Commander Speed, the first officer, was essentially traded to the USS Nemesis for Lieutenant Commander Matthew Lee. Hollis would chose him as his initial first officer after deciding between Lee, M’Gret, and Kailun Khanar.

The Kodiak-A would go on to undertake nearly 20 missions under the commands of Lang Vedoc and Hollis Calley. Interactions with the Orion Syndicate occurred on at least two occasions. The Kodiak-A would also undertake several rescue missions, an exploration of a Dyson Sphere, battles with the evil Doctor Solitaire, battles with the Breen, and the discovery of a Borg transwarp conduit. The Kodiak would also take part in several joint missions. The first of which would be to take part in the summer blockbuster of 2377 known as AB45. She would later join forces with the Ronin, the Ranger, and the Tiger on joint missions. The crew would help build a colony on the planet known as Kismet that would result in strange metamorphic effects on the crew after encountering the native lifeforms. Finally it would take a climactic battle with an inter-dimensional race of aliens known as the T’Lithians that would ultimately result in the Kodiak-A’s stardrive section being destroyed and the rest of the ship decommissioned.

The Kodiak-A would eventually be replaced with the Kodiak-B.  This time Hollis decided to replace her with a more canon established ship, the Norway class. The Kodiak-B would be launched with Hollis in command and former Hammond commanding officer, Allen O’Malley as his first mate. Hollis would actually not end up as the Kodiak-B’s final commanding officer. That honor would belong to Rhys Bejain. At the end of 2005, when Captain Megan Parker suddenly resigned as commanding officer of the Aurora, Hollis left the Kodiak-B and created a new ship, the Sovereign Class USS Ursa Major, with the former Aurora crew. Rhys would undertake a practical as CO of the Kodiak-B, before launching his own starship, the USS Triumphant. The Ursa Major would become the successor the Kodiak-B in spirit, as the constellation Ursa Major is known as the Great Bear, and through Hollis’ continuation of the Kodiak tradition. Many of Hollis’ sims over the years would reference former Kodiak crew, ensuring that their legacy would not be forgotten.

Amazingly a starship named the Kodiak would serve contiguously in the group for nearly seven years. This is a feat that few other ships can claim. But clearly the Kodiak’s most relevant contribution to the group today is the legacy of captains.


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