Sci-Fi Ideas ‘Alien Week’ Starts August 26th!

Sci-Fi Ideas ‘Alien Week’ Starts August 26th!

If you’ve been a member of Starbase 118 for long, of if you’ve taken a good look around the wiki at all, you know that we don’t limit ourselves to the creativity put forth by the creators and designers of Star Trek itself. From unique locations in space, to brand new alien civilizations, our members have come up with some pretty stellar ideas over the years. And while anyone is able to work with the Species Development Committee to create and design their own race within our game, now we have a chance to step outside the bounds of 118 and put that creativity to use while spreading the word about the Starbase 118 Fleet – by participating in Sci-Fi Ideas Alien Week!
A Bit About Alien Week
Alien Week is a week long event, hosted by Sci Fi Ideas, where writers, dreamers, and anyone with an imagination come together to share ideas about alien races and the societies that they come from. It goes beyond the simple speculation about what they might look like, often delving into societal issues, biological diversity, their level of technology, and possible interaction with other species. Many people will be coming together to offer ideas and feedback throughout the week, providing a great opportunity to share and learn from like minded individuals throughout the world.
The Contest!
Of course, one of the highlights of the week will be a special Alien Profile Writing Competition. During the competition, writers will be asked to describe various aspects of an alien race depicted by one of three different images found on the competition website. Once your profile is complete, send in your entry and be sure to include a link back to Starbase 118! The entries will be published on their blog, showing the world your creation.
While we only have about a week and a half to participate in this competition, it’s a great opportunity to show the world some of the creativity we have here in the 118 Fleet. So take a moment and check out the Sci Fi Ideas website to learn more, see the images, or submit your entry!

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