Poll of the Week: Nails on a chalk board 5

TNG CrewWell its been a while in the making but we are have finally arrived at the last edition of “Nails on a chalk board” series. Having covered the first two Enterprise’s as well as the crews of DS9 and Voyager its time to take a look at the crew of the Enterprise D. After seven seasons, four feature length films and countless other novels based on this crew, its easy to say that they are some of the most recognizable Trek characters out there. With all that in mind who is your pick for the most irritating? Wesley Crusher is usually the prime suspect from what I have seen (for reasons beyond me) but are there any others that are even more irritating perhaps? Was Troi’s psychobabble too much for you or did Data’s constant malfunctions flip your switches? Let us know what you thought.

Remember that if you want to see something specific in future polls, by all means let me know on the suggestions thread. You all know the drill, visit the forums and add a comment or two after you vote because that is what makes this fun. Enjoy!!