July Plot Summary: USS Tiger-A

The USS Tiger-A was plunged into a time warp while in rapid pursuit of a mysterious unknown vessel. Upon exiting the time rift, the crew of the Tiger found themselves in orbit around the Earth in the year 1942. While an investigation was made to determine the damage sustained to the ship and to locate the mystery ship, the crew welcomed two new crew members to the ship, Doctor Estrane and Greekle. While repairs to the ship were being made, it was determined that the mystery vessel had crashed upon the Earth decades prior to the arrival of the Tiger.

The mystery ship was now lodged in a ice glacier near the Earth’s North Pole region. While an away team composing of the Captain and the First Officer were sent to investigate, another ship appeared on the outer fringes of the solar system. Its identity and intentions were unknown and soon it vanished without a trace. On the planet’s surface, the away team found that the United States Military had taken possession of a whaling station located directly above the crash site. The crew managed to infiltrate the facility on the premise they were members of a whaling ship that came to dock a few miles away.

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