July Plot Summary: USS Discovery-C

July Plot Summary: USS Discovery-C

After uncovering the truth behind the bio weapon, the crew laid the body of the serial killer-turned-hero to rest, as they fired Zero’s body into the a star, ensuring that no one could ever use his biological makeup to create such a weapon again. The crew returned to DS-285 for a long-awaited shore leave, and the younger members of the crew chose to have a “night out” with plenty of alcohol and a bar fight to keep them busy. Captain Waltas, his heart heavy from his wife’s desertion, battled his own demons and resorted to the bottle as well, his indiscretions becoming the talk of the ship.
Lieutenant Nickels dealt with problems at home and approached Waltas for a way out, and the Ba’ku obliged by sending the Discovery on shore leave to Sigma Iotia II, allowing Nickels to deal with his personal issues and the crew to have a long-deserved vacation. Beginning their journey, most of the crews’ thoughts turned inward, each dealing with personal issues or relationships. Commander Valdivia and Ensign Frye are working on a prototype shuttle to replace the lost Romulan Scout nicknamed “Ace”, and no one knows what awaits them in the anachronistic culture that comprises Sigma Iotia II.
For more information on the crew, check out the Discovery-C Yahoo Group!

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