Poll of the Week: Going the distance

Poll of the Week: Going the distance

TrainYou can all relax as this weeks poll has little do with romantic/comedy movies despite the title. The only similarity is that this weeks poll is about long distance travel. To be precise, your preferred mode of traveling over long distances. Since day dot people have always looked for faster and easier ways of traveling of vast distances. From simply walking from place to place to riding horse back, to steam powered trains and boats to the first cars people have been obsessed with getting to our destinations faster for whatever reason. This urge has seen mankind develop faster and larger cars, more mobile boats and even jets to traverse the the skies.
With so many options at hand, others better suited for the job then others, this week we ask which mode of transportation do you prefer given the choice? Do you simply love your car or would you rather do your part and take a train or bus to work? Is flying the only way to travel on business or do you like the sedate pace of cruise liners?
The sky is quite literally the limit on this one so let us know what you think by visiting the forums. Like always remember to leave a comment because that is where the fun begins.

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