Service Ribbons for July

Service Ribbons are In Character awards presented to characters for acts of heroism and participation in plots and campaigns.

Ribbons can be received at any time, but are generally presented alongside crew promotions. It is not uncommon for all members of a crew to receive campaign ribbons.

These brave and honorable members of the USS Drake received them in June; please join us in congratulating them.



Lifesaving Ribbon is Lifesaving Ribbon awarded to a person who has saved a life in the line of duty.

Lieutenant Dantin Vex
Lieutenant Commander Jerry Reid

Joint Meritorious Unit Award is a Service Ribbon awarded to a person who participates in a joint action with an allied or neutral force toward a common goal.

Lieutenant Sakkora Reed
Lieutenant Jade Shryker

Peacekeeper Service Ribbon is a Service Ribbon awarded to a members of Starfleet who participates in, and successfully completes, a mission where keeping the peace is the primary goal. This ribbon will serve as a reminder that, whenever possible, peace is the best option.

Commander William Rogers
Major David Whale
Commander Karynn Brice
Lieutenant Cmdr Danzia
Lieutenant Cmdr Jerry Reid
Lieutenant Pandora
Lieutenant Sakkora Reed
Lieutenant Sinda Essen
Lieutenant Dantin Vex
Lieutenant Junior Grade Oliver Weston
Lieutenant Junior Grade Didrik Stennes