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Rogue Planet Alert: All Merchants Ordered To Keep Ongoing Long-range Sensor Scans

FEDERATION SPACE — Starfleet has ordered all cargo transport vessels to keep long-range sensors active as USS Veritas chases a rogue planet.

Assembly Debate Delayed By Incident Outside Ketar V Capitol

KETAR V — While politicians debate the future of the Romulan population inside, a dissident has openly fired into a group of pro-Romulan protestors, injuring three people. Investigations continue.

Missing starship found 92-years later

NORLIAN NEBULA — A Federation starship has been rediscovered after having been declared lost in 2299.

The USS Christopher Pike was an Oberth class science ship that had been assigned to study and weaponize polaric radiation found in abundance in the Norlian Nebula. After it disappeared nearly a century ago, the ship was discovered adrift in the heart of the nebula by the USS Atlantis, which was investigating the origin of an old bravo radio signal. That signal was in fact a distress call being emitted by the Christopher Pike. The Atlantis reports the science ship has been found intact without any signs of decay, adding to the mystery.

“Certainly, it makes you wonder,” said Professor Marius Stana of the University of Alpha Centauri and author of The Lost Frontier, an overview of various ill-fated voyages in the history of space travel. “Of course I’d expect a ship to be well-preserved in the vacuum of space, but when there’s nothing amiss, it raises more questions than answers as to what happened. I haven’t heard anything quite like it.”

Any answers may have to wait, however, as the most recent report from the Atlantis was that it had been joined by two Dhelan class Romulan warbirds, ships from another era as well. Both Starfleet and Romulan crews have surmised that all three vessels are caught in some sort of temporal anomaly. Whether the anomaly is a natural occurrence or one triggered by polaric radiation research conducted by the Christopher Pike is under investigation by both the Atlantis and the displaced Romulans, who are working together to uncover the secrets behind this temporal mystery.

May plot summary for the USS Darwin-A

Arriving in orbit around the Water Planet Asav the crew of the USS Darwin NCC-99312-A quickly discovered the USS Valorous drifting lifelessly. Quickly assessing the damage as being severe Captain Reinard dispatched an away team to the defunct Valorous to investigate the damage and render any assistance they can.

Meanwhile the remaining Darwin crew were contacted by the occupants of Biodome 2 who, when coupled with the information being received from the away team, were quickly identified as the culprits of the damage to the Valorous. As the away team successfully stabilised the Valorous, Captain Reinard received a communication from the occupants of Biodome 5, a faction clearly distancing themselves from the damage done to the Valorous. In an attempt to get more information away teams went below the water to meet with the opposing Biodome occupants.

Lt Commander Thomas and his team soon became victims of an attack on the Biodome. Acting quickly he sent his pilots out to defend the Biodome and worked with his team of engineers to stabilise the dome. Before long, Supervisor Krum, imprisoned Thomas and his team and ordered them to work. Captain Reinard and his team medically assisted the religious leader Speaker Tsanchi. Through lengthy and often spiritual discussion they were able to bring him around to the point where he saw the Federation as allies. With things moving quickly, only time would tell if Captain Reinard could unite the purpose of both domes and free Lt Cmdr Thomas and his team.

March Plot Summary for the USS Apollo

With the Borg incoming, and the major component of the Omega, the boronite, still not dealt with completely, the USS Apollo, NCC-71669 was put on a tight deadline that had members of the crew questioning the ethics of the Omega directive. Put to the test, Ensign Eileen McClaran hatched a plan to create and detonate another Omega within the event horizon of the first detonation, which should mask the boronite, as well as making the area treacherous to travel through. She was to perform the task with only one assistant, so to limit the possibility of the Borg collecting this information.

At the same time, Lieutenant Commanders Sundassa Faranster and Jalana Laxyn were preparing an evacuation, getting medical, food and security supplies ready. While Ensign Kaliantha Hawn was holding down the fort in medical, keeping one of their injured from bleeding out.

Meanwhile, Commander Tal Tel-ar suggested a means of destroying the second cube by taking one of the shuttles filled with anti-matter torpedoes on to the Borg cube. With the shuttle inside the shield, he would set it up blow up after he is teleported out into space. Two marine pilots, Lieutenants 1st Class T’Aven and Karolina Cranford got wind of this, and offered up their services to rescue and assist the Commander.

Once everything was in place, the evacuation commenced and got all the families, civilians, and non-essential personnel off before the Borg were engaged. Then the Apollo sped to meet them, preventing the Borg from splitting up.

March Plot Summary for the Duronis II Embassy

The Embassy, Duronis II Away team continued to explore the archaeological digs in the Quentisi Mountain Range. Going deeper into the mountain via a subspace elevator, the team found themselves in an inner cavern and the discovery of a glowing cube. Taking the cube in custody, the team soon found themselves under attack by small metal creatures which could meld themselves together and form ever larger, more menacing forms. During the furious fight which erupted, several members of the away team were injured, most critically being Commander Nugra. With the team now fighting for survival, efforts turned to escaping the caves and the metal sentinels which guarded it. Rigging a device which held the creatures at bay, Major Parker tried in vain to get the power up and running…but the creatures had other ideas. Left with no other choice, the team made their bid for escape, fighting their way back to the ancient elevator just as one of the metal monsters was about to swoop down on them…and the explosives planted by the away team detonated, destroying the caverns and the metal creatures as the away team made a run for it from the collapsing cave….

Meanwhile, back at the Embassy, talks between the Romulan diplomat and Ambassador Vetri took a turn as they decided the fate of the Romulan assassin, T’Ana. Laudean Prime Minister Daysa also made a claim to keep T”Ana on Laudean soil, as an accomplice to the second assassin who killed his butler. Other claims to keep T”Ana were also made, which further complicated the Ambassadors’ mission…..

Meanwhile, the second assassin, now identified as a Starfleet traitor, committed a horrific act and is now loose on Embassy soil, and a new member of the crew is causing ripples with his arrival…..

March Plot Summary for the USS Atlantis

The crew of the Atlantis thought that the most dangerous part of their mission to Uzoka 4 would be dealing with any diplomatic snafus around the gift, or perhaps the arrogance of the ambassador. Working through the potentials, two members of the crew went to speak to the Ambassador, theoretically about local politics, but in actuality to scan the mysterious gift. Unfortunately, they were discovered by the ambassador and it was brought to the Captain at the diplomatic dinner that evening.
The dinner was a grand event that showcased the cuisines of the Federation, but ended up being overshadowed by one cloud. Specifically, a miniature version of the Jenatris cloud, whose presence caused everyone with psionic potential to have varying levels of reactions, including causing the Ambassador to appear drunk before passing out! Sickbay worked feverishly to determine something beyond a stop gap solution with psionic blockers, while the science team worked to understand what the cloud was, or rather clouds were! The ambassador woke up to reveal that the gift held several of the entities and that the clouds ate energy from the ship!

Stabilizing the situation as best they could, the crew continued slowly to Uzoka 4, but with several new shocks. The clouds were sentient, and the Universal translator was being adapted, and several combat ready ships were heading toward them from the Krayav home planet. Worse, the tactical systems had been completely drained while dealing with the clouds with no idea when they’d be restored!

March Plot Summary for the USS Excalibur

The crew of USS Excalibur NCC-41903-A, has made tremendous discoveries as well as experienced setbacks in their goal of understanding the anomaly that stranded them in the Afehirr Sector.

The being transported aboard Excalibur was revealed to be the High Chief Merchant of the Erscyne Trade Allinace. After a first-contact scenario, the guarded dignitary was beamed back to the station. However, the crew also discovered life-signs of beings inhabitting the same space as Excalibur, but trapped in “pocket” universes. After a successful attempt to retrieve the individual, the crew discovered a young, helpless Azeyka child that was swiftly taken under the care of the medical department. The rescue drained the ship’s power, leaving the Engineering department to restore power so that additional “rescues” of thirty missing crew members can be attempted.

Meanwhile, LtCmdr. Katy Orman was transported not only through space but through time into the station’s recent past, where she spent a month “catching up” in time to Excalibur. Though initially rendered invisible to the aliens aboard the station, she eventually made contact with the creatures and was put in contact with Excalibur. She also discovered a black, possibly parasitic creature that appears to be linked to the spatial “void.” Theories abound as to the nature of the void, and the crew continued to work on identifying its nature and determine a way of ceasing its expansion.

March Plot Summary for the USS Garuda

Captain Egan Manno and her away team, following their successful completion of the Kubarey’s Trials, beamed to the Kubarey vessel and were reunited with much of the crew; all were allowed to beam back to the Garuda, now operating under her own power thanks to the work of Captain Reynolds’s cold restart and the resistence of the remaining Garuda crew.

The Garuda returned to Deep Space Ten for some well earned rest and relaxation, where Commander Ross and Captain Quinn Reynolds were reunited after being apart for the whole of the last mission, although Reynolds unwittingly got punched during a bar fight in Ten Forward. Fortunately Doctor McGregor and Lt. Cmdr. Bakari were on hand to assist.

Meanwhile, Lieutenants Mei’konda and Evan Delano spent some time together relaxing on the holodeck, while Leo Handley-Page and Ensign Frank O’Malley worked on a highly toxic blood sample, hoping to find a cure to a rampant infection on Leo’s homeworld of Byzatium, little realising that another sample had been stolen during the Kubarey’s assault and had fallen into unwitting hands. Lieutenant Jade Shryker had been badly injured during the Trials, and her recovery and subsequent physical therapy consumed much of her leave time.

Elsewhere, Lieutenant JG Trel’lis received an infusion from the mysterious Xelarian race, causing her headpiece to become part of her physical form and giving her a more youthful appearance and extended life span. It was during leave that Ensign Kenoi joined the crew as a medic, and Lieutenant JG Alora DeVeau was promoted to Chief Science Officer. The final crew change was the unexpected departure of Leo Handley-Page on a private quest, and the arrival of his half-sister Nia Calderan, who became the new Diplomatic Attache.

March Plot Summary for the USS Vigilant

The Vigilant crew began the month recovering from the difficulties of their previous mission. With the ship still severely damaged and under repairs at the shipyards on Zakdorn IV, they took up residence in the Prak Zel Grand hotel and enjoyed a few weeks rest. Before long, Captain Diego Herrera called everyone together to announce that they would not be returning to their Intrepid-class but would instead be moving into a new Hephaestus-class ship, the USS Vigilant-A.

The crew immediately took possession of the new ship with orders to begin a general exploration mission. They located a beautiful Class-M world with readings of possible dilithium deposits and other unique minerals and plants. Two away teams were formed to investigate areas of the planet. Before long, though, the environment was impacted by violent storms.

The team led by Lt. Cmdr A’ern Zerxes that was investigating dilithium readings in a large cave network was soon dealing with flash floods through the caves and injuries to crewmates. Zerxes has finally been able to make contact with the crew back on the Vigilant bridge to try and facilitate an evacuation, but they are limited without use of transporters and a ticking clock on the wellfare of the injured.

The captain’s team, above ground and near the coast, recognized that a new lifeform was intermingled with the storms and worked to try and make communication. They have successfully made contact, but can they negotiate a peaceful solution?

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