March Plot Summary for the USS Garuda

Captain Egan Manno and her away team, following their successful completion of the Kubarey’s Trials, beamed to the Kubarey vessel and were reunited with much of the crew; all were allowed to beam back to the Garuda, now operating under her own power thanks to the work of Captain Reynolds’s cold restart and the resistence of the remaining Garuda crew.

The Garuda returned to Deep Space Ten for some well earned rest and relaxation, where Commander Ross and Captain Quinn Reynolds were reunited after being apart for the whole of the last mission, although Reynolds unwittingly got punched during a bar fight in Ten Forward. Fortunately Doctor McGregor and Lt. Cmdr. Bakari were on hand to assist.

Meanwhile, Lieutenants Mei’konda and Evan Delano spent some time together relaxing on the holodeck, while Leo Handley-Page and Ensign Frank O’Malley worked on a highly toxic blood sample, hoping to find a cure to a rampant infection on Leo’s homeworld of Byzatium, little realising that another sample had been stolen during the Kubarey’s assault and had fallen into unwitting hands. Lieutenant Jade Shryker had been badly injured during the Trials, and her recovery and subsequent physical therapy consumed much of her leave time.

Elsewhere, Lieutenant JG Trel’lis received an infusion from the mysterious Xelarian race, causing her headpiece to become part of her physical form and giving her a more youthful appearance and extended life span. It was during leave that Ensign Kenoi joined the crew as a medic, and Lieutenant JG Alora DeVeau was promoted to Chief Science Officer. The final crew change was the unexpected departure of Leo Handley-Page on a private quest, and the arrival of his half-sister Nia Calderan, who became the new Diplomatic Attache.

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