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Za captain and first officer kidnapped

HOCKTIN SYSTEM – Military leader kidnaps Za crew during a first contact summit.

What promised to be a politically sensitive first contact mission between the crew of USS Za, NCC 65305, and the Justio and Kranstin nations from the planet Hocktin instead turned into a kidnapping. Captain Kheela Rhani, First Officer Lt Commander Trellis Vondaryan and Chief of Security Lt JG Kindo Pandorn were ambushed and kidnapped by Marshall Numiz, military dictator of the Justio faction.

In the wake of the kidnapping the rest of the Za has been left reeling as they look for answers and attempt to mount a rescue mission. The kidnapped crew’s comm signals and life signs have been shielded by an unknown substance on the planet. Chief of Tactical Lt Commander Alexander Williams, left in charge of the Za during the away mission, has been in contact with Kranstin officials to gain more details.

The Za Meets “Bears” In Space

HOCKTIN SYSTEM — Diplomatic efforts continue as the USS Za learns more about the new species they have encountered.

With excitement running high, the crew of the USS Za, NCC 65305, finds itself continuing its peaceful first contact mission with a new space-faring civilization from the planet Hocktin. Science Crewman 2nd Class Polarick Treslilik, who saw one of the Hocktins as they were roaming the decks to return to their ship the UHS Pathfinder, described them as “bears in space. How cool is that? And they even have fleas. Or something.”

USS Za resumes exploration of the cosmos

HOCKTIN SYSTEM — After a frightening fight against computer malfunctions, the crew of the USS Za, NCC 65305, has managed to repair one of the most unique vessels in the fleet and get back to their mission.

When we last heard from the Za, technical difficulties had disabled the entire ship and put the crew in desperate peril. With no other ships in the vicinity to help with repairs, the crew raced against the clock to find a solution that would put them back on course and get systems back online.

Members of the senior staff, including Chief Engineer Cmdr. Alex Blair, returned to the Za to find her disabled after their recent away mission. With her chief engineer back onboard – and the members who had been trapped in the holodeck finally freed – repairs were jumpstarted.

Multiple members of of the crew had been injured by that holodeck malfunction, and were treated in sickbay, though a new medical officer and her pet – having both arrived with Cmdr. Blair aboard the shuttle, were not a welcome sight among some members of the staff.

“That new medical officer brought a filthy dog into sickbay,” complained Chief Medical Examiner Lieutenant Alosia Freymott. “The beast was probably flea-ridden and full of diseases that will require a complete sickbay disinfection.”

With the crew on the mend, the computer and engines restarted, an investigation began into the cause of the ship-wide issue. Preliminary reports suggested sabotage, but further analysis determined that specific flaws in the Za’s computer programming were not able to mitigate a series of cascading failures. Starfleet reports that these issues will be cleared up with a scheduled upgrade at a starbase.

Technical difficulties plague USS Za as crew attempts reboot of systems

DEEP SPACE — Things have gone from confused to worse as the crew of the USS Za dealt with technical malfunctions aboard their ship.

R&R goes awry for USS Za

DEEP SPACE — The crew of the USS Za’s plans for R&R after a stressful mission took a very unexpected turn.

USS Za fights off parasitic alien attack

DEEP SPACE — The crew of the USS Za thwarted an alien menace that had infected both crew members and survivors of a derelict cruise ship.

Cruise ship survivors and Starfleet rescuers infected by alien creatures

DEEP SPACE — Alien creatures have infected survivors of a derelict cruise liner and members of the USS Za crew that had rescued them.

USS Za rescues mysterious frozen cruise ship survivors

DEEP SPACE — The USS Za rescued survivors from a drifting derelict cruise liner.

Za crew enjoys downtime during nebula mapping

UTU NEBULA — After high-stakes standoffs with the Klingons and the Deep, the Za crew received some rest and relaxation during routine exploration of a nebula.

Mercy mission turns into a three-way standoff

ZETA PYXIDIS — The USS Za encountered a territorial Klingon ship and a zealous Deep warship during the crew’s mercy mission to cure the Deep’s deadly disease.

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