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Technical difficulties plague USS Za as crew attempts reboot of systems

DEEP SPACE — Things have gone from confused to worse as the crew of the USS Za dealt with technical malfunctions aboard their ship.

R&R goes awry for USS Za

DEEP SPACE — The crew of the USS Za’s plans for R&R after a stressful mission took a very unexpected turn.

USS Za fights off parasitic alien attack

DEEP SPACE — The crew of the USS Za thwarted an alien menace that had infected both crew members and survivors of a derelict cruise ship.

Cruise ship survivors and Starfleet rescuers infected by alien creatures

DEEP SPACE — Alien creatures have infected survivors of a derelict cruise liner and members of the USS Za crew that had rescued them.

USS Za rescues mysterious frozen cruise ship survivors

DEEP SPACE — The USS Za rescued survivors from a drifting derelict cruise liner.

Za crew enjoys downtime during nebula mapping

UTU NEBULA — After high-stakes standoffs with the Klingons and the Deep, the Za crew received some rest and relaxation during routine exploration of a nebula.

Mercy mission turns into a three-way standoff

ZETA PYXIDIS — The USS Za encountered a territorial Klingon ship and a zealous Deep warship during the crew’s mercy mission to cure the Deep’s deadly disease.

USS Za begins deep space voyage with mission of mercy

ZETA PYXIDIS — A species called the Deep have made contact with the USS Za to request emergency medical assistance.