Za captain and first officer kidnapped

Za captain and first officer kidnapped

HOCKTIN SYSTEM – Military leader kidnaps Za crew during a first contact summit.
What promised to be a politically sensitive first contact mission between the crew of USS Za, NCC 65305, and the Justio and Kranstin nations from the planet Hocktin instead turned into a kidnapping. Captain Kheela Rhani, First Officer Lt Commander Trellis Vondaryan and Chief of Security Lt JG Kindo Pandorn were ambushed and kidnapped by Marshall Numiz, military dictator of the Justio faction.
In the wake of the kidnapping the rest of the Za has been left reeling as they look for answers and attempt to mount a rescue mission. The kidnapped crew’s comm signals and life signs have been shielded by an unknown substance on the planet. Chief of Tactical Lt Commander Alexander Williams, left in charge of the Za during the away mission, has been in contact with Kranstin officials to gain more details.
Complicating things further is a potential bio-hazard that could affect any member of crew that comes in proximity with the people of Hocktin. Science Crewman 2nd Class Polarick Treslilik, who previously described the aliens as “bears in space,” further elaborated on the bio-hazard. Treslilik said that the virus the aliens carry “causes death in 72 hours or less according to every simulation we’ve run. Even Doctor Skyfire is worried.”
Science and medical teams have been working around the clock racing to find a cure. They have been focusing on three different avenues in an attempt to beat the deadline. While there have been some promising results that could, upon further research, lead to a cure, nothing has been found yet.
Everyone aboard is acutely aware of just how little time they have to find a way around the virus before it potentially kills everyone on the ship. Treslilik said “the Captain’s waiting for us. We’re on it.”
Written by: Trellis Vondaryan

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