Cruise ship survivors and Starfleet rescuers infected by alien creatures

Cruise ship survivors and Starfleet rescuers infected by alien creatures

DEEP SPACE — Alien creatures have infected survivors of a derelict cruise liner and members of the USS Za crew that had rescued them.

After rescuing cryogenically frozen survivors of a Tellarite-run cruise liner known as the Morning Star, the crew of the USS Za continued to investigate the mystery of the adrift vessel. While on its way to the presumed Morning Star crash site, a security member assigned to guard the survivors was attacked.
“The attacker, she was quick as a bee and strong as a bull,” said Lt. JG Noros Tanna, who was injured during the attack. “And she had some sort of insectoid creature come out of her mouth toward me. You expect to see some weird stuff in this job, but that was something else.”
Reports of other attacks around the ship quickly spread, as did rumors of other insect-like creatures. After the attacks, a number of the crew began acting uncharacteristically as if they had different personalities.
As the crew investigated the attack and causes of the behavioral changes, they began to suspect some sort of invasion force was present. After diligent research, the crew determined that their chief of tactical and security Lt. Commander Alex Williams, chief of ops Lt Jayla Petras, intelligence analyst Ensign Faran Losak, engineer Eli th’Enise, a Dabo girl, and the Morning Star survivors had all been infected by the alien creatures.
Before the rest of the crew learned their identities, however, the infected officers managed to take control of key systems aboard the Za and have isolated most of the non-infected senior staff to the bridge or sickbay.
The situation remains ongoing with more updates to follow.

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