Za crew enjoys downtime during nebula mapping

Za crew enjoys downtime during nebula mapping

UTU NEBULA — After high-stakes standoffs with the Klingons and the Deep, the Za crew received some rest and relaxation during routine exploration of a nebula.

Following the cessation of hostilities with the Klingon Bird-of-Prey Krorgh and the Deep warship Defender-21, the Za continued on its mission of exploration toward the edge of the galaxy. Its next stop was the Utu Nebula, an uncharted stellar phenomena whose mostly automated exploration would allow the crew some time to spend relaxing and enjoying themselves.
The Za crew explored the ship and its many amenities in the ways they hadn’t been able to during the first mission. Several members of the crew congregated in the Black Hole Bar, the Za’s modified lounge area, which its proprietor Zogi has converted to something more like what you might find on a well-apportioned starbase–very appropriate, the crew feels, for a home-away-from-home.
“I wasn’t sure about it when Zogi first approached me,” said Fleet Captain Zalea Solzano, the Za’s commanding officer, “but we are something like a mobile starbase, at least in terms of how self-sufficient we might be. The Black Hole Bar is something very necessary for the crew.”
Other members of the crew enjoyed downtime in their quarters or spent time on the holodeck. One ensign, Femi Cattan of the nursing department, had never experienced a holodeck before, and so she was excited to explore all that it had to offer.
The leave period wrapped up with a large costume party a couple of weeks into R & R, thrown in the Black Hole Bar and with promotions and a service ribbon ceremony to complete the evening. Many of the Za’s ensigns were promoted to the next rank grade, lieutenant junior grade, and every officer was recognized with the First Contact and Joint Meritorious Unit Ribbons, recognizing the first contact with the Deep and the joint action that emerged between the Deep science vessel, the Klingon Bird-of-Prey, and the Za against the Deep’s warship.
With the presentations complete, the party continued with the excited buzz of speculation regarding where the Za would head next.

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