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USS Za rescues mysterious frozen cruise ship survivors

DEEP SPACE — The USS Za rescued survivors from a drifting derelict cruise liner.

After finishing its routine nebula mapping mission, the USS Za, NCC-65305, was ready to begin a survey of three class-M planets in a single system when it detected a vessel limping through space at sublight speeds. Trajectories indicated that at those speeds the nearest planets would be more than 20 light-years away.

Long range scanners showed signs of suspended animation units aboard the ship. Upon rendezvousing with the unknown ship Lt Commander Trellis Vondaryan led an away team comprised of Lt Commander Alexander Williams, LtJG Krindo Pandor, Doctor Saveron and Nurse Ensign Cattan to examine the wreckage.

Back aboard the Za a team of scientists and engineers, consisting of Chief Science Officer Lt Commander Maxwell Traenor, Assistant Chief Scientist Nak’aqi Socxo, Chief Engineer LtJG Laura Baxter, Ensign Eli th’Enise and Chief Diplomat Lt JG Reni Svalasdottir, attempted to interface with the abandoned ship, with Lt Jayla Petras liaising between the bridge, the away team and the science/engineer team.

The away team inadvertently awakened three survivors at the same time as the science team accessed the ship’s computer. Both teams discovered that the ship was part of a Tellarite vacation cruiser called the Morning Star.

Unfortunately someone on one of the teams tripped a destruct sequence aboard the Morning Star vessel. Engineering Crewman Dolores Ford said “Commander Vondaryan’s team was beamed back with just seconds to spare. It was all very exciting.”

Upon return to the Za Doctor Saveron and Nurse Cattan went to sickbay to oversee the health of one of the survivors, an unjoined Trill named Miazra Peeex, who had fainted while on the Morning Star. The other two survivors, a Tellarite engineer Hishnend Lers and a Human card dealer Nicholas Lushington, were allowed to tour the Za. Ford said, “The Morning Star was owned by the Orion Syndicate and has been missing for more than thirty years. I don’t trust those survivors. Except that Lushington, he’s so handsome.” All three survivors insisted they find the rest of the Morning Star crew who had crashed on an unknown planet before they were sent into stasis.

The Za was on its way to investigate a potential crash site when it was detoured to pick up Captain Keelah Rhani, who was taking over commander after Captain Solzano was recalled.

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