R&R goes awry for USS Za

R&R goes awry for USS Za

DEEP SPACE — The crew of the USS Za’s plans for R&R after a stressful mission took a very unexpected turn.

With the ship – and crew – safe from the alien parasites that attempted to recently seize control of both, the USS Za (NCC-65305) resumed its normal exploration of deep space. Taking the opportunity to rest and recuperate after the stress of what they’d just experienced, the crew embarked on a number of ways to relax: from handing out free plant cuttings to all comers in the bar, to favorite recreational activities, to the beginnings of at least one more intimate relationship.
The counselor, Ensign Ruwon, found himself busier than most, however, diving into the task of helping those feeling more seriously affected by the parasites’ invasion come to terms with what happened – as well as giving Captain Keelah Rhani the psych assessment that she’d been successfully dodging until that point.
It was also an opportunity for the recently-appointed CO of the Za to get to know her new crew better (and vice versa), which she took, arranging a combination awards ceremony and social get-together in one of the ship’s holodecks.
“It felt a bit odd at first,” Crewman Jessica Hill observed, “what with the beach umbrellas sat in the middle of the Luna landscape, but the view was certainly impressive.”
The first part, taking place on a representation of the Luna surface, saw a number of awards handed out to recognise the efforts and achievements of the crew, but things did not go according to plan with the second part of the itinerary.
The change to a tropical beach stetting happened as intended, but events quickly spiraled out of control from there. With their personal gear replaced by the holodeck with an assortment of occasionally outlandish outfits, the crew now need to work out what has gone wrong with the holoprogram, and how to fix it – all whilst dodging thunderous lightning storms, crashed antique aircraft, at least one very large (and apparently very hungry) rampaging T-Rex, and whatever else the malfunctioning program may see fit to throw their way.

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