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USS Za fights off parasitic alien attack

DEEP SPACE — The crew of the USS Za thwarted an alien menace that had infected both crew members and survivors of a derelict cruise ship.

With personnel scattered across the ship, the skeleton crew holed up on the bridge of the USS Za, NCC-65305, found themselves dealing with two of their own that had been infected by the parasitic creature that had managed to infiltrate the vessel, while also trying to stop a hijacked shuttle from recovering the ‘mother’ creature from a nearby planet.

In sickbay, a plan was rapidly concocted to remove the parasite’s influence, though a few issues of actually subduing those infected remained. Officers and crew in Engineering worked to counter the disruption being caused to the Za’s systems by the invaders.

When the mother creature was successfully brought back aboard the Za, the announcement it delivered through the hijacked internal comms proved a catalyst for a major confrontation, with groups from sickbay and Engineering, as well as those infected, converging on the bridge – which played into a plan concocted almost simultaneously by those in Engineering and on the bridge.

With the vast majority of personnel, hostile or friendly alike, incapacitated by anesthazine released to flood decks one and two, only the hardiest invaders and those crew wearing breathing masks remained active. This allowed the bridge personnel to finally neutralize the threat, though not, regrettably, without the loss of the mother creature’s host, who had to be killed to destroy the parasite.

“Things got pretty paranoid for a while there,” observed Crewman Alicia Khan, once of the Za’s enlisted personnel. “You had to watch your back all the time, because you never really knew for sure who was on your side and who was being controlled by those… things.”

With the ship secure once more, the crew find themselves dealing with the aftermath – which for a lot of them involves coming to terms with their actions whilst under the parasite’s influence, and what they might have had to do to secure the Za once more.

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