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USS Darwin strengthens bonds with Asav

ASAV — Despite its rocky past, a new unified government on Asav has thrown open its doors with a call for assistance to explore their early history, to which the USS Darwin-A has been dispatched.

With shoreleave’s completion, the Darwin crew remained buzzing about the upcoming shuttle race held each year at Deep Space 6. With many of the crew hoping to form a team to win the title, all plans for success were shelved when Commander Renos disclosed their new exploratory mission to Asav and welcomed aboard new crew members to their roster.

Despite once being an M class planet, very little is known about Asav’s early history or least of all the reasons for its sudden transformation. With a new unified government in power, the Asavii are now looking for answers about themselves and their history. With their technology level where it is and their previous strained relationship with Starfleet, their new Patriarch Aheran Phlendorp has made a decision to reach out to Starfleet’s desire to explore. Hoping that their previous history could be repaired, the Patriarch was glad to hear the Darwin was being dispatched.

“Blessed be Zolrak, God of the Sea, to bring forth to my people the opportunity to learn of our past,” said Patriarch Aheran Phlendorp upon the Darwin‘s arrival. “The caverns we have discovered are barely tapped, yet already hold many tantalizing possibilities. Artifacts, structures, tomes in ancient languages, even unheard of life forms! The zealotry of our past held us back, but now that we embrace the diversity of the cosmos, now too does our benevolent god embrace our right to learn more of ourselves and why our world changed so radically.”

After the pleasantries of their arrival on Asav, the crew of the Darwin set out with Lt. Cmdr. Kael Thomas, Lt. Traenor and Cmdr. Renos leading shuttles of the Asavii. With each crew member having to quickly come to terms with their new craft’s technology, they all wasted no time in exploring the unknown depths of the caverns of Asav, where unknown treasures and mysteries await.

Hours from disaster, USS Darwin saves USS Dunbar

ZETA GELIS REGION — The USS Darwin freed a freighter from an anomaly just in the nick of time after facing communications issues, gravimetric spikes, hull breaches, and crew disappearances.

The USS Darwin (NCC-99312-A) found the USS Dunbar lying prone in space, trapped by a powerful anomaly, which had opened suddenly in the region. Captain Renos quickly assessed the situation and sent an away team led by Lt. Cmdr. Jorey and comprised of Lt. JGs Yael and Peters, Ensigns Lexicon, Malon and Dragumov as well as Petty Officer Jellico, via shuttle to support repair efforts and help find the missing crew. The bridge crew’s calculations revealed that there were only a few hours left before the Dunbar was irretrievably caught in the thrall of the rift.

Aboard the Dunbar, Jorey and his team made contact with Captain Dreyfus but almost immediately, powerful gravity spikes and subspace eddies were detected in the vicinity. The group barely managed to escape the cargo bay before a massive discharge blew out a section of the cargo bay’s hull, taking the shuttle with it.

Due to Zalkonian sightings in the area and the threat of a weapon called an Anoxia field, communications proved to be risky and difficult. The bridge crew, led by Commander Renos and consisting of Lt. Cmdr. Thomas, Lt. JGs Traenor and Shedet, Ensigns Valdivia sought to find a way around such difficulties.

Scientists baffled by strange readings as Starfleet assembles rapid response team

Zeta Gelis Region — After strange readings were recorded by the USS Dunbar, a small survey ship, shortly before it sent out a distress call, Starfleet has recommissioned the USS Darwin to immediately investigate.

Heated debate erupted among scientists aboard Deep Space 6 for the past week over the Dunbar’s readings with some warning that they are potentially the sign of an emerging anomaly, connected to the ongoing crisis at Prometheus Station in which massive subspace rifts have formed. Others believe the small ship’s sensors were poorly configured and merely picking up amplified readings from the Zeta Gelis cluster nearby.

Regardless, Starfleet has deemed that the situation warrants further investigation, especially in light of new details regarding the Dunbar’s dire situation.

“When the Dunbar checked in again six hours ago the transmission was garbled, and we were only able to receive a portion of their data package,” remarked Ensign Rhanu, the Ops officer aboard Deep Space 6 who was on duty at the time. “She’s currently adrift, being pulled towards the unidentified phenomenon, and their chief engineer is missing.”

Adding to the urgency are reports of Zalkonian activity in the area—their interest in the matter unknown but suspicious. The Zalkonians are a mysterious, isolationist people who rarely interact with other species or reveal their intentions. While it remains as yet unclear whether the Zalkonians are responsible for the disappearance of the Dunbar’s chief engineer, Starfleet is leaving nothing to chance.

The USS Darwin (NCC­-99312-A), a Horizon class vessel equipped with the fleet’s most advanced science suite and top of the range sensors, has been dispatched by Starfleet Sciences and Technologies (SST). For this crucial mission, Starfleet has entrusted command of the Darwin to Commander Renos, an officer with a demonstrated track record and whose previous experience with the Zalkonians should prove invaluable. Commander Renos and the Darwin will investigate the strange readings and their relation to the Prometheus crisis, the situation aboard the Dunbar, and determine the involvement and intentions of the Zalkonians.

Promotions for June, 2014

The staff of UFOP: StarBase 118 would like to take a moment and recognize the officers — please be sure to congratulate these folks when you see them in the corridors of your vessel!


  • Ben Livingston to Commander


  • Jack Corbin to Lieutenant
  • Clio Margariti to LtJG

June plot summary for the USS Darwin

With shore-leave behind them and the knowledge that after their contact, the Asavii were now on the way to collaborating peacefully the USS Darwin NCC-99312-A looked to their next mission. With no particular goal in sight the crew of the USS Darwin plotted a course for the nearest proto-stellar nebula.

With the Darwin on it’s way, Captain Reinard was greeted by a strange woman in her quarters. It didn’t take long for the strange women to reveal herself as a member of the Q Continuum. Knowing full well what they were capable of, Captain Reinard was not expecting to find herself and the senior staff instantly moved onto what looked like

Q choosing to keep her cards close to her chest revealed that they were too take part in a game of survival of the fittest in a setting of prehistoric Earth. Bewildered by the situation they were suddenly thrust into, they knew they needed to survive and that in the time of the dinosaurs they were the bottom of the food chain. Once Q left them in peace, Captain Reinard dispatched teams to collect and build the essentials for survival. As the crew split up they knew that playing along was the only choice they had but would the skills they have be enough to outwit and beat Q at her own game or would they be doomed to lock horns with the T-Rex of the jungle to ultimately determine the survival of the fittest.

May plot summary for the USS Darwin-A

Arriving in orbit around the Water Planet Asav the crew of the USS Darwin NCC-99312-A quickly discovered the USS Valorous drifting lifelessly. Quickly assessing the damage as being severe Captain Reinard dispatched an away team to the defunct Valorous to investigate the damage and render any assistance they can.

Meanwhile the remaining Darwin crew were contacted by the occupants of Biodome 2 who, when coupled with the information being received from the away team, were quickly identified as the culprits of the damage to the Valorous. As the away team successfully stabilised the Valorous, Captain Reinard received a communication from the occupants of Biodome 5, a faction clearly distancing themselves from the damage done to the Valorous. In an attempt to get more information away teams went below the water to meet with the opposing Biodome occupants.

Lt Commander Thomas and his team soon became victims of an attack on the Biodome. Acting quickly he sent his pilots out to defend the Biodome and worked with his team of engineers to stabilise the dome. Before long, Supervisor Krum, imprisoned Thomas and his team and ordered them to work. Captain Reinard and his team medically assisted the religious leader Speaker Tsanchi. Through lengthy and often spiritual discussion they were able to bring him around to the point where he saw the Federation as allies. With things moving quickly, only time would tell if Captain Reinard could unite the purpose of both domes and free Lt Cmdr Thomas and his team.

April plot summary for the USS Darwin-A

With the freighter and it’s illegal cargo now overdue for delivery, owing to it’s confinement along with the crew on the USS Darwin NCC-99312-A, a Tellarite with something to lose made contact. He was understandably surprised to see the face of Lieutenant Commander Thomas and the bridge crew, instead of his Laudean collaborators. After some pointed threats the communication cut off, leaving the crew of the Darwin with more questions than answers.

As Captain Reinard was successfully treated in sickbay and once again in control of all his faculties the order was given to head to Deep Space 6. With everything in place, their arrival at Deep Space 6 began a period of shore leave which the crew grabbed by the horns with no delay.

With the Multi-Cultural fair in full swing aboard the Station the crew had more than enough to keep them occupied. With classes ranging from Cardassian bone carving, to how to roast a Klingon Bok-Rat the crew’s horizons were broadened in every direction. Amidst the excitement of the fair, the crew of the Darwin along with Fleet Captain Diego Herrera got the rare pleasure to celebrate in the promotion of their very own Commanding Officer, to Captain.

Once the glasses were cleared and the crew awoke, a new day and new mission for the Crew of the Darwin roused them back to duty. With the USS Valorous unable to be contacted after making a follow up visit to planet Asav, the Darwin is dispatched to investigate.

March Plot Summary for the USS Darwin

With the Freighter Tenacity held tightly in the containment sphere of the USS Darwin, NCC 99312-A, and its crew locked tight in the Brig, the crew of the Darwin was free to investigate and get to the bottom of the allegations of their illegal cargo contents. With the away teams on-board the Tenacity, it didn’t take long to bring down the suspicious containment field to discover a concerning amount of Federation Weaponry in their cargo hold. Amongst the Federation weaponry was a vast quantity of a clear liquid, its contents unknown to the crew.

Meanwhile on the Darwin, Captain Reinard and his team questioned the Captain and the First Officer in an attempt to discern the contents of their Cargo and their intended destination. Conversations all but stalled until Lieutenant Commander Thomas’ team returned to provide evidence of the weapons and the mysterious clear substance found in their holds.

All the while Lieutenant Commander James and his team worked diligently on ascertaining the qualities of the Clear Liquid. Unbeknownst to them they were about to get a live specimen of the drug in the form of the Captain. As the interview spiraled out of control the Captain was infected with the mysterious liquid sending him into a rage. As the crew confined him to sickbay a communication from a Tellarite man was intercepted on its way for the freighter. Seemingly angry with their late delivery, the Bridge team worked quickly to attempt to discover his location and perhaps his purpose.

February Plot Summary for the USS Darwin

With the planet of Talvath armed with the tools they needed to begin their restoration, the crew of the USS Darwin, NCC 99312-A headed to Deep Space 6 for some much needed rest and relaxation. Wasting zero time of their first shore leave together they began forging strong social and professional relationships right up until the Commander signalled an official end to shore leave.

As the Darwin prepared to leave, Commander Reinard presented the crew with service ribbons and promotions for the excellent work on the last mission. As the crew dispersed, Captain Hallum briefed Commander Reinard about the suspected contents of the just departed Freighter Tenacity. Armed with the knowledge that this Freighter was believed to be carrying weapons illegally the Darwin set out from Deep Space 6 at high warp.

Working diligently the crew of the Darwin successfully followed the path left by Tenacity despite the freighters attempts to shake them. Shrugging off the dated weaponry on the Tenacity, the crew disabled and brought the Freighter into the Containment sphere to hold, pending their investigation.

As away teams beamed over to the contained Freighter the task of trawling through the the contents of the Freighter became a quick priority. Back on the Darwin, Commander Reinard and his team began to ask questions of the two Laudean officers, accused by Deep Space 6 of transporting weapons illegally. Their claims to innocence were soon to be tested as the away team begins to uncover the true nature of their cargo.

January Plot Summary for the USS Darwin

The crew of the newly commissioned USS Darwin NCC99312-A have hit the ground running answering a distress call to the planet Talvath on the outskirts of the Romulan Empire. Prior to their arrival a freighter suffering a catastrophic explosion deposited a large amount of toxic Trilithium Resin into the atmosphere. Responding to the emergent situation Commander Greir Reinard dispatches away teams led by Lt Commander Kael Thomas to get to the surface and provide humanitarian aid to the already suffering Romulan residents.

On the Surface Ensign Taybrim and Lieutenant James worked quickly to restore water supply to the colony while Lt Commander Malcolm and her team did their best to heal the wounded and bring order to the chaos at the local Triage site. Carrying a few injuries the teams headed back to the Darwin.

Arriving on the Darwin they found Commander Reinard’s team aboard the Darwin had worked to remove the Trilithium Resin using the unique qualities of the containment sphere attached to the forward section of their ship. With some clever piloting from Lt Kaitlyn Falcon the team were able to successfully start removing the resin from the atmosphere and keep it contained in the sphere.

Meanwhile, unbeknown to the crew Governor D’Nal’s entourage took down several security officers and attempted to take the Darwin by force. With their plan thwarted and placed in the Brig the Governor must convince the crew that he is innocent of blame in order to get his people the help they need.

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