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Darwin crew cuts ribbon on Delta Quadrant outpost

OUTPOST UNITY — The crew of the USS Darwin-A celebrated the opening of Outpost Unity last month with an anniversary celebration and an Earth-style ‘roast’ of the ship’s captain.

USS Darwin-A conducts historic efforts in Federation-Talaxian relations

POUIYEOG REGION — Work continues apace to construct a groundbreaking outpost in the Delta Quadrant.

The arrival of the USS Endeavour from the Alpha Quadrant heralded the end of the temporary exile on the pre-warp societal world of Turisan II for the crew of the USS Darwin NCC-99312-A. With the repair of the damaged environmental controls, computer cores, and quantum slipstream drive, the Darwin was free to continue its exploration efforts on the fringes of the Delta Quadrant.

En route back to the Dyson Sphere that heralded their return to the Pouiyeog region, Capt Renos took the opportunity to dole out some much deserved awards. Lt Lyldra was promoted to Lieutenant Commander, and LtJG Graeme Cook was promoted to full Lieutenant. Due to the unique opportunities presented by their immersion in Turisan culture, various crew were awarded with the Explorer’s, Purple Heart, and Captain’s Commendation ribbons.

Once arriving back at the Dyson Sphere, the nature of the Darwin’s mission is revealed: Starfleet has tasked them with establishing a Federation presence in the Pouiyeog region. This is to be accomplished by entering a joint endeavor with the Talaxians in the region to develop a trading outpost on the exterior of the Sphere. Joint efforts between the Starfleet Corps of Engineers and Talaxian design and engineering experts will see Outpost Unity built within a 6 month period, with the Darwin crew providing consultation and negotiation contributions towards its completion. As succinctly put by Lyldra, speaking on behalf of the Federation Diplomatic Corps, “That is an historic day and event for our two peoples. Unity base and its joint administration by the Federation and Talaxians of Talax II could be the first steps in a long relationship of cooperation.”

In the months during the outpost’s construction, and as the USS Endeavour ferries necessary supplies and new officers from Federation space, several missions are undertaken. Negotiation talks between the Federation, helmed by Renos, Lyldra, and Counselor Didrik Stennes, are conducted to iron out concerns by the Talaxians about their design, construction, and administrative contributions. Negotiator Brixon of Talax II is of a minority who sees the Federation presence as unwarranted and unwanted, and tries to sabotage the fledgling relationship. Explorations of the destroyed site of a previous Talaxian base on the Sphere are conducted, and a mapping mission of the area around Outpost Unity’s construction site discovers a dangerous unknown exterior feature.

With construction of the base nearing completion, the Darwin crew are once again tasked in consulting roles, with teams of officers resolving power generation issues, outpost offensive and defensive installations, and contributions to interior layouts and amenities. The negotiations with the Talaxians are completed, though not without discord and compromise, and final preparations continue apace towards the inauguration of Outpost Unity.

Crew of USS Darwin forced to abandon ship

TURISAN II — A life support failure aboard the USS Darwin-A has forced its crew to abandon ship and take temporary refuge among a pre-warp society in the Delta Quadrant.

On shore leave at Deep Space 6, the crew of the USS Darwin NCC-99312-A attended a masquerade ball designed and implemented by Captain Renos. In the following days, crewmembers attended to several personal ventures, including a class in the J’naii martial art of Kaigut, led by the captain nemself.

With its previous mission complete, Task Force Silver was dissolved and the USS Triumphant was placed back in inactive status. A majority of Triumphant’s crew are offered positions on Darwin, and each takes the opportunity to fit into his new role.

Renos called a senior staff meeting in order to brief the crew about the upcoming mission and to hand out recognitions. Ensign Kurt Logan was promoted to Lieutenant, junior grade, and the Explorer’s Badge, Innovation Ribbon, and Lifesaving Award were handed out to various crew. Finally, Renos announced that due to Darwin’s efforts in the previous mission, the ship has been assigned to establish a base of operations in the Pouiyeog region of the Delta Quadrant and usher in a new era of exploration.

A few weeks into the mission, while en route back to the Pouiyeog region, Darwin encountered a spatial anomaly that severely affected the ship’s computer cores, with life support systems taking the most damage. With no other options, and assistance in the form of repair crews weeks away at slipstream speeds, the senior crew made the difficult decision to temporarily abandon the ship.

Darwin managed to limp its way into orbit around Turisan II, a class P planet with a pre-warp civilization. Advance scouts reported a human-like civilization in the midst of an industrial revolution, and with time running out before a full life support failure, the crew hastily prepared to disembark. To help them integrate, the non-Terran crew are given cosmetic surgery to resemble the indigenous Turisans.

While waiting for rescue, the crew were given orders to integrate into Turisan society, protect the Prime Directive, and conduct anthropological studies of the local peoples. A small port city called Lomorton, with a highly itinerant population, was chosen for the location of the crew’s immigration. They were divided into small households, where their efforts could be combined to provide lodging and sustenance during their time planetside.

Upon arrival in Lomorton, and to uphold the Prime Directive, each crewmember has been forced to seek employment for survival, rather than use Federation technology. Some officers were able to use existing schools to good effect in acquiring employment. Others, however, were not so lucky, and were forced to take such menial, dangerous jobs as nightmen, chimney sweeps, debt collectors, and barkeeps.

Darwin’s arrival coincided with the preparation period for a local solstice festival called Newgrange, which bears a slight resemblance to the Earth holiday of Christmas. As such, the crew has gained a rare opportunity to not only learn a valuable facet of Turisan social constructs, but the human crew are allowed some reminiscence while they introduce their non-human crewmates to the traditions of their holiday.

Ship helm officer Lt. Todd Manius, for example, noted dryly, “From what I’ve gathered from talk and seeing all this preparation going on, there are many similarities between the two holidays. It’s almost spooky.” The upcoming holiday allowed for plenty of activities and bonding for the crew while they await rescue from the Federation.

USS Darwin-A stands off against familiar foe but unable to save Talaxian base

DELTA QUADRANT — The USS Darwin-A was successful in retrieving a stolen quantum slipstream drive but was unable to respond to a distress call in time to prevent heavy Talaxian casualties.

After a chase across 30,000 light years that led into the Delta Quadrant, the USS Darwin (NCC-99312-A) has finally caught up with their recurrent adversary Captain Raikenoff and driven the criminal from the nebula within which his ship was hiding. Unfortunately, a swarm of Numiri attack ships emerged from the nebula as well. The Numiri swarm attacked Raikenoff, the Darwin, and her Defiant class escort ship, the USS Triumphant, and Raikenoff used the distraction to attempt another escape. As the Triumphant kept the Numiri swarm occupied, the Darwin set off in chase once again.

A daring plan orchestrated by the Science and Engineering team on the Darwin was used to great effect to force Raikenoff’s ship out of warp and prevent him from activating the stolen quantum slipstream drive again. The Triumphant, dealing a demoralizing blow to the lead Numiri ship, was able to disperse that threat and come to the aid of the Darwin. Together, the two Starfleet vessels pounded on the superior ship’s defenses until the shields fell, which allowed the Darwin to beam out the stolen quantum slipstream drive and take the enemy ship’s bridge crew into custody.

During the battle, a Talaxian distress signal had been received, but due to the engagement, the Darwin and Triumphant were unable to immediately respond. With their primary mission complete, the Starfleet vessels were able to trace the signal to a base on the exterior of a Dyson Sphere. Still claiming defense of sovereign space, the Numiri fleet reformed in their path and attempted to blockade the Sphere.

Using a combination of the Triumphant’s superior firepower and the Darwin’s defensive capabilities, they punched a hole through the blockade and sent a rescue mission to the base, consisting of a shuttle from each ship. Inside, they found devastation from where the Numiri had been pummeling the installation for weeks and two Talaxian survivors. Unfortunately, the remaining Talaxian inhabitants had perished shortly before the rescue attempt. Fighting off an armed incursion led by the Numiri leader, Captain Aurilius, the away team left quickly with the survivors. Rather than let the remains of the base fall into Numiri hands, Captain Renos ordered the destruction of the base after being so advised by Nadenka, the ranking Talaxian survivor.

Meanwhile, it was discovered that Raikenoff had evaded capture by the Darwin via use of a personal transport inhibitor, and now he and his ship were gone. Though the mission was technically a success, the loss of both Raikenoff and the inability to save many more Talaxian lives left it a hollow victory for many.

After a short detour to drop off the Talaxian survivors, the Darwin and the Triumphant made the long quantum slipstream jump back to Deep Space 6, leaving plenty of time for the crew to unwind and come to terms with the ramifications of the mission.

“You have our thanks for returning the Heroes of Unity Base to us. I wish you could have arrived sooner to rescue more, but at least the Numiri can no longer reap the benefits of our efforts!” exclaimed the Talaxian Colony Leader Ferix upon the return of the survivors.

Arriving back at Deep Space 6, the crew was treated to a masquerade ball designed and implemented by Captain Renos as a team-building and stress-relieving exercise. The masked and garbed crew had a splendid evening of drinks, dancing, and chatting.

USS Darwin hunts hated enemy in Delta Quadrant

POUIYEOG REGION, DELTA QUADRANT — The USS Triumphant teamed up with the USS Darwin to chase a master criminal into the Delta Quadrant to recover stolen, advanced technology.

The USS Darwin (NCC-99312-A) once again under the command of Captain Renos is dispatched from DS6 to recover a Quantum Slipstream Drive. Stolen by none other than the mysterious vessel faced at Zakdorn and commanded by the criminal Tor’kath, known to the Darwin by the alias “Raikenoff”. Given its advanced weapons and capabilities the Darwin is assigned an escort, the defiant class USS Triumphant (NCC-75692) under the command of Captain Frazier. Shortly after the two vessels departed they detected the signal of the stolen QSD and pursue.

After a week of chasing, the trail ran cold forcing them to drop out of slipstream to investigate. By now they’ve crossed into the Delta Quadrant in front of a nebula 10 AU in size. Lieutenant Lyldra attempted to get a feel of the area but picked up nothing on typical diplomatic or general subspace channels prompting her to suggest launching a subspace buoy to extend their range. From this she was able to pick up communications from two vessels talking about a nearby Talaxian base.

Feeling ill, Counselor Didrik Stennes reported to sickbay where Doctor Cook diagnosed him with slipstream sickness. Once treated, the two discussed who the Counselor may need to take time to see, and Cook recommended several people including the ships Ash’lie guest Lyna Namid, which he then dropped in to visit. Cook soon joined them, leading to an argument about the best course of treatment for Lyna, right in front of her! They might have resolved their differences somewhat afterwards and away from their guest but it left the Ash’lie feeling angry and distrustful of them both.

Unsure if their quarry was inside the nebula, Lieutenant Valdivia launched probes to probe to study the nebula, confirming Raikenoff’s presence there. They also showed pockets of gas within the nebula that are being ignited with increasing frequency, leading them to believe there must be someone else inside the nebula.

The two Federation starships had been in the Delta quadrant for only a few hours when without warning the Triumphant’s intended XO fell ill entering a coma-like state. This caused a shake up in the crew’s rosters and Commander Thomas was selected by Renos to fill the vacant position, leaving Lieutenant Commander Treanor to fill the first officer position aboard the Darwin.

The probes in the nebula soon revealed that there was a swarm of Numiri vessels inside the nebula, responsible for igniting its gas pockets. In a surprise move, Raikenoff and his ship emerged directly in front of the Darwin. Renos hailed him and ordered the criminal to surrender, showing great fortitude and self control in once again facing the man who had kidnapped and tortured nem. Raikenoff ignored Renos’s command to surrender as an armada of thirty small Numiri vessels emerged from the nebula and surrounded the three vessels.

Fearing Raikenoff will reactivate his QSD as soon as he was able, Valdivia headed to engineering. With the help of Lieutenant JG Inikno Mpeba and Lieutenant Brell they worked out a plan to disable it remotely, using the Darwin’s own QSD. On the Triumphant, Captain Frazier succumbed to to the same illness that struck his first officer. Falling into a comatose state he left Thomas in command with the task of attempting to persuade the Numiri not to attack, while Raikenoff also attempted to sway the Numiri’s favor. Forced to defend itself and Darwin, the Triumphant returned fire on the Numiri. Giving Raikenoff the chance he had been waiting for to flee towards his secret objective.

USS Darwin helps to solve the Prometheus Event

SKALUR EXPANSE – As part of Operation Knife Point, the USS Darwin-A launched the Jentar Assembly in an attempt to close a Prometheus-related rift.

The Darwin had sent an away team to the surface of Brut III to investigate a distress signal when an unknown ship arrived in orbit. The Sicarian scout Swallow, knowing that the Darwin saw through their ruse and faced with the startling realization that the Federation has implemented Sicarian technology in the Jentar Assembly, dove into the atmosphere. Their intent was to retrieve the operatives trapped on the surface and escape to advise the organization of their disturbing find. Unable to stop them, the Darwin tractored the main satellite of the Assembly into its Containment Sphere for repairs.

Concerned about the status of the away team with the scout ship entering the atmosphere, LtCmdr Icavoc was ordered to the away team’s shuttle to fly it to the team’s location for recall. The away team, in a confrontation with Duccio Turrisi over his Ash’lie prisoner Lyna Namid, managed to capture the Sicarian operative and save Namid while the rest of the aggressors were spirited away by the scout ship. The away team returned to the Darwin, just in time for the newly-repaired Assembly to successfully close the system’s rift.

As the Darwin crew spoke with their mysterious Ash’lie guest, quick insight kept Turrisi from taking his suicide pill. With the mission complete, the Darwin returned to Deep Space 6 for some much needed rest and relaxation for the crew.

Shore leave heralded the return of Captain Renos, cleared for duty after nir recovery from the injuries suffered from interrogation in the previous mission. The downtime for the crew was brightened by the announcement of a Naming Ceremony for LtJG Lyldra’s twins, born during the mission.

Hosting a traditional Bolian ceremony, Lyldra and her husband’s Brell and Hars greeted all guests in the ship’s lounge. After gift giving and well wishes were complete, Dr. Janel Tarna was given the honor of announcing the birth father. Once identified, Brell then announced the names of the children: Linalu, a daughter named after Lyldra’s dearly departed mother, and son Renu.

“He is named for our dear friend and captain Renos,” explained Lyldra, to Renos’s great honor.

After a night of celebration, another event was announced to the crew. A dress uniform ceremony to be held on Deep Space 6 had the crew arrive to an elegantly attired room. Renos started off the ceremony by announcing Thomas’s promotion to full Commander and surprised the man by having his family present to do the honor of replacing his pip.

The ceremony continued with promotions, departmental changes, and a multitude of ribbons for the crew’s accomplishments during the mission. With the formalities completed, the ceremony evolved into a celebration, and a new crewmember made his introductions around the room. Finally, Captain Renos received notification of an important event: the USS Triumphant, a Defiant class escort to the Darwin, had arrived at the station, as well as her new crew. Cmdr Thomas recalled the crew to prepare for imminent departure.

The two ships have an important mission ahead of them as they head to their next stop: the Delta Quadrant.

USS Darwin-A dispatched to seal anomalous rifts

BRUT III – With a solution to the rifts in hand, the USS Darwin-A has moved to deploy the Jentar Assembly in the Skalur expanse in the hopes of sealing the rifts.

On shore leave at Deep Space 6, the crew of the USS Darwin (NCC 99312-A) was coming to terms with the fallout of their recent mission. With Captain Renos on medical leave, Commander Kael Thomas was tasked to step up and lead the Darwin on its next mission. However, before that came, several Darwin crewmembers partook in the 2nd Annual Deep Space 6 Shuttle Race.

Team Ugly Baby, manned by Lieutenant Commander Ren Rennyn and Lieutenant JG Iniko Mpeba, managed to win a race that was marred by tragedy. The shuttle piloted by Lieutenant JG Todd Manius and engineered by Cmdr Thomas exploded at the finish line, claiming the life of one of the shuttle’s occupants. Another Darwin entry, manned by Lieutenant John Valdivia and featuring an AI pilot co-designed by Lieutenant Commander Maxwell Traenor, placed well and proved their concept.

The short down time allowed for a small measure of relaxation and introspection for the crew, made necessary by the stresses of the Zakdorn mission and the atrocities experienced there. Finally, repairs to the Darwin were completed, and the ship was tasked with a role in Operation Knife Point, a mission in support of the Prometheus Incident.

The Darwin traveled with all haste to the Slakur Expanse and took up orbit around Brut III. There, they are to deploy the Jentar Assembly, which is a small constellation of satellites built using reverse engineering of Sicarian technology. The Assembly will use subspace harmonics to potentially close a Prometheus-related rift present in the Cadaka system.

Lt Mpeba’s team are required to perform an EV mission to complete assembly and positioning of the lynchpin satellite, while a beacon on the surface of Brut III requires an Away team to investigate. Cmdr Traenor and his team take a shuttle down to the heavily jungled surface and are forced to make an arduous hike to the site of the signal. Meanwhile, a power spike from the increasingly unstable rift causes the main satellite to spin uncontrollably, putting the EV team in mortal risk.

On the Darwin’s bridge, the same rift activity causes intense pain a heavily pregnant Lieutenant JG Lyldra. She receives an emergency transport to the sickbay and the ministrations of Lt Manius, while the senior officers bring the satellite back under control.

Back on Brut III, the Away team finds the source of the beacon: a crashed shuttle. Offering aid, the Starfleet officers found Ankia Viljoen and Duccio Turrisi, the leaders of the crew, claiming to be missionaries looking for a place to start a monastery. “Ah, we’re a scout ship. Looking for potential habitable worlds for a . . . monastic order. They’re very peaceful and wanted someplace isolated and pastoral”, claimed Viljoen. However, suspicions rose and the ruse failed once their captive, a kidnapped Ash’lie escaped her bonds and caught the attentions of the Starfleet officers as she fled. The shuttle’s crew, actually Sicarian agents, fired upon the Away team and forced them to scramble for cover.

The Darwin, needing to effect repairs on the lynchpin satellite of the Jentar Assembly, prepares to tractor the device into its containment sphere. At this moment, a small ship enters the system and hails the Darwin, claiming to be a scout ship for a mining magnate, Captain Altek professes to be attending to the distress beacon. As Cmdr Thomas is made aware of the true nature of the situation planetside, he demands answers and compliance from the Cardassian captain of the scout ship.

USS Darwin-A investigates distress call on Zakdorn IV

ZAKDORN IV – After responding to a distress call on Zakdorn IV, the USS Darwin-A has discovered that the situation is not what it seems.

In orbit around Zakdorn, the USS Darwin, NCC 99312-A is providing assistance to a remote factory complex ravaged by explosions and fouled by an insidious toxin, with an away team led by LtCmdrs. Maxwell Traenor and Rendal Rennyn.

Meanwhile, a menacing ship of unknown origin appears in orbit. When Capt. Renos attempts contact with them, he is rudely greeted by a commanding officer named Tor’kath, using the alias of Raikenoff, who demands the immediate return of the shuttle. Electing not to comply, the crew of the Darwin find themselves in a firefight with a vessel that outclasses them tactically.

One intruder manages to corner and threaten LtCmdr. Luna Walker, before executing a daring plan: blowing out a section of the Darwin’s hull, and the two escape into the vacuum of space.

Though having firepower superiority, Tor’kath’s ship is stymied by the piloting efforts of HCO officer Ens. Raakel Ells and the tactical skills of CPO Michael Jellico. Once the Zakdorn orbital defense satellites come into play, Tor’kath feigns damage so as to draw the Darwin away from Zakdorn; before pummeling them and knocking down their shields. With that accomplished, Tor’kath beams away the shuttle and the escaped operatives. He also kidnaps Captain Renos in retaliation.

At the factory complex, Rennyn’s group follows an insistent factory supervisor named Eleene Mornay, deeper into the rubble; and Traenor’s group finds a pregnant victim trapped underneath some debris. Her condition is too delicate for transport, so Manuis and Cook decide to operate on site. Meanwhile, Mornay leads the others to a control room where she manually shuts down some malfunctioning equipment. At this location, Rennyn spies an undetonated bomb, which contains a vial of the toxin that is plaguing the disaster zone. Mpeba disarms the bomb, but there is a tense confrontation with Mornay before the Zakdorn succumbs to the airborne toxin.

On the enemy warship, Tor’kath tortures a bound Renos in order to extract information from him. He is hoping to discover what, if anything, the Darwin knows about the reason for their presence at Zakdorn. Meanwhile, with the Darwin’s front shields inoperative and at heavy risk of further damage by the enemy ship, Thomas makes the decision to move all crew out of the sphere section to the safety of the drive section. There, he establishes command functions in Main Engineering. Once relocated, he recalls the Away teams from the surface and canvasses the senior staff for option in rescuing Renos.

With a plan set in place, Thomas leads the crew of the Darwin to get their Captain back. Feigning a damaged status the Darwin falls into a decaying orbit and successfully lures the enemy warship into a vulnerable position. With the help of the Zakdorn defence satellites and some quick firing shots from the Darwin, the Captain is beamed out as the Darwin passes over the hull. Seconds later the Darwin is at high warp with their Captain in a critical condition. With Admiral Kwiecinski leaving Kael to Captain the Darwin in Renos’ absence, the crew is left wondering how long this will last for.

Upon being advised of the withdrawal of the Darwin crew, Zakdorn Regional Supervisor Aleron Surani thanked the crew.

“The disaster site is nearly under control. We need a breakthrough on treating the toxin, but for now, we’re doing as much as we can,” he said. “If you need to recall your teams from the surface to help you, we can manage down here without them. Best of luck to all of you. And to your captain.”

USS Darwin investigates distress call on Zakdorn IV

ZAKDORN IV – During a routine patrol, the USS Darwin-A changed course to respond to an urgent distress call.

With the worries of Asav still fresh in their minds, the crew, under the captain’s instructions, headed straight for Deep Space 6 for some rest and relaxation. Once on the station, it wasn’t long before the crew was called before Captain Hallam to hear charges against Commander Renos. With Lt. Cmdr. Kael Thomas providing the evidence, many of the crew felt the need to defend their commanding officer against the vexatious charges. With Commander Renos’s words of defense combined with the crew’s, Captain Hallam reaffirmed the Commanders worth and revealed the true nature of the formal meeting.

“Before this hearing was convened, I received an official message from Starfleet Command. Now seems a fitting time to deliver it to you and the crew. It reads… gotcha!” exclaimed Captain Hallam as the looks of despair slowly changed to exclamations.

Lt. Cmdr. Thomas produced the commander’s fourth pip, that of the rank of captain and placed it on his collar. As the haze cleared from everyone’s eyes, the crew promptly congratulated their newly promoted captain.

With formalities aside, some days later the USS Darwin-A left Deep Space 6 and headed for a standard patrol through the sector. However, as any seasoned officer knew, standard patrols were anything but easy, and the Darwin picked up a distress call from Zakdorn IV. As it is an important planet in the region, the Darwin wasted no time in changing course and heading straight for the planet. Little details were known about the nature of the distress, since the call was simply a beacon and it lacked any sort of audio or indication of the problem.

Before the crew of the Darwin had any chance of mounting a successful rescue mission to the surface, an unknown shuttle seemingly launched from the surface and made a direct line for the Darwin’s hull. Thinking quickly, Lt. Cmdr. Rennyn was able to avoid the shuttle and captured it in one swoop. Bringing it quickly inside the sphere, a team was assembled to crack open the contents of the shielded shuttle. Upon closer inspection it was discovered that the shuttle was empty, as the Darwin’s sensors had suggested. However the crew did not hold the same faith. Work began immediately to discover the true intention of the shuttle and it’s crew’s whereabouts.

Down on the surface Lt. Cmdr. Traenor and his team setup a triage facility to help those most injured. With a growing list of injuries, the team quickly realized the scale of the disaster. The industrial facility had suffered severe damage which had resulted in a significant release of toxic gases into the air. Doing their best, the team worked through the injured and provided assistance where they could. Not yet discovered was the cause of the facilities’ damage or the true nature of the toxins all around them.

On the Darwin, the bridge crew were met with their own problems. Their sensors picked up an unidentified ship with unknown tactical abilities. With no idea what the ship’s intentions were, the crew remained cautious and hoped that the teams on the surface would not be forced to engage in combat. With Lt. Cmdr. Walker in Engineering doing her best to provide shields, they had only thirty minutes of power, after which the Darwin would be defenseless.

USS Darwin-A discovers terrible truth of Asavii history

ASAVII – USS Darwin-A is once again caught between religious factions while inadvertently discovering the ancient reason for the planet’s global water rise.

After having uncovered some previously unexplored and sealed off sections of the sea floor, Starfleet was called in to offer a helpful hand. Tasked also with furthering the relationship with the Asavii, the crew of the USS Darwin (NCC-99312-A) set about collaborating and joining 3 expeditions into the unknown depths.

With each group branching out into different directions and each with different and difficult goals, it wasn’t long before their exploration was interrupted by an unexpected message. “All hail Balzog”. The message was an activation of sorts for the group of followers loyal to the Asavii Earth god Balzog, to bring themselves into the light. With all ships working with local Asavii on board, the risk that the situation on each vessel could become untenable was a real threat.

With Commander Renos foreseeing the inevitable clash, the J’naii sought to facilitate a meeting with the Patriarch Phlendorp and a Balzog representative aboard the Darwin; on neutral territory.

Back down below the surface, LtCmdr. Thomas and Lt. Traenor’s teams, feeling confident they could continue, stumbled upon similar structures resembling rooms with pockets of air. LtCmdr. Thomas and his team successfully entered the pocket, to be entirely surprised by its contents. Upon further investigation, the crew discovered that the Asavii were in fact responsible for their own demise and had caused the flooding of their world themselves.

Meanwhile, Lt Traenor and his team uncovered a similar structure to Thomas’s team and decided to send in a probe to investigate its contents. While outside, they uncovered what seemed to be a power conduit, before being struck by what appeared to be a EMP wave; leaving them dead in the water. The team brainstormed how best to extricate them from the precarious situation.

In another section of the underwater planet, Commander Renos’ former team, now led by Commander Rennyn, managed to stumble upon some ancient consoles. Those turned out to be damaged and no longer powered on, and the crew managed to find several disks which likely contained data relevant to Asavii historians. Concerned about the data being lost, should the caverns become compromised, the team decided to take the disks and to hand them over to the Asavii.

Back on the Darwin, the Patriarch was challenged by Hurlich, an Asavii Minister who considered himself the true leader of Zolrak. Throwing around a few threats was enough for Commander Renos to interject and for the Patriarch to realize he couldn’t avoid the inevitable. Volunteering to surrendering himself for judgement, the Patriarch, not yet armed with the knowledge of planets flooding, hoped to one day, share in a bright future for Asavii.

“I think we are at the end of what we can accomplish together during this visit, Captain. I cannot thank you enough for your understanding and compassion with all that we have put you through,” said Phlendorp Asavii Patriarch. “I may not know how the near future of Asav will play out, but I will do everything I can to ensure that we strive forward as a people, and protect our burgeoning relationship with the Federation. We are a tough, resilient race, and though it means that at times we are resistant to change, we know that we can and will adapt.”

With all that they could achieve said and done, the USS Darwin recalled teams and left orbit at high speed, for what many hoped would be some rest and relaxation at Deep Space 6.

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