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Species Spotlight: ZALKONIAN

“Fear the change. It must be stopped.” – a Zalkonian expression.

One of the smaller stellar empires, controlling a number of colonies and worlds in less than a full sector of space, the Zalkonians maintain a well-defended border. While not quite isolationists, they do tend to distrust all other species and have no interest in universal politics. That said, they will go to extreme lengths to hunt down and exterminate any of their citizens they deem to be criminals, especially those undergoing “the change.”

This change is the next step in their evolutionary process, but has sparked such a radical and universal – almost all-consuming fear to the point that all rationality seems to have been tossed aside. As a result they will betray children, spouses, parents and friends to their draconian style government if they suspect that such a person is undergoing the change.

This species is considered restricted for play, but has played a strong role in our Duronis II Embassy, where this species was at one time seeking to become the protectorate of the Laudeans.

Learn more about this species from their wiki page!

SDC Species Spotlight: ZALINIAN

“The awareness of our own strength makes us modest.” –a Zalinian expression.

Governed as a monarchy, backed by a thin layer of old noble families, with the men usually going bare chested and the women wearing wrap-around dresses. They have just achieved warp technology and are fairly new to the universe around them. So far they have had limited contact with most other species but have established regular if sporadic contact with the Laudean people of Duronis II.

A complex mix of barbaric and sophistication, this species benefits from advanced technology in a primitive social setting, which is very rare. They are nonetheless a healthy, active people who are emotional, proud and still slightly ill-at-ease around other species.

Zalinians are a StarBase 118-original species, created by the crew of the Duronis II Embassy. This species is not playable by members, and is in the Forbidden category due to their telekinetic abilities.

Learn more about this species on our wiki page!

SDC Species Spotlight: ZALDAN

“Say what you mean. I do not trust your sugary words.” -Zaldan warning

While they are members of the Federation, this species can be one of the more challenging and interesting species to play. They tend to be physically fit, slightly aggressive, competitive and very blunt. They have no problem telling you if they think you’re an idiot, made a mistake, or find you difficult to deal with. At times they can be very in-your-face, but when you get to know them you learn they will stand by your side until the end of time if they think you’re right or are a friend — and it does not stop them from still telling it like it is.

Zaldans are also one of the few species that are allowed to provide the entire crew for a Starfleet vessel. Two such ships were lost fighting the Borg at the Battle of Wolf 359. Regardless of their tendency to be painfully blunt and truthful they have, and continue to be, strong supporters of the Federation, accepting the fact that most other species lack the ability to be completely truthful. Besides this they also produce a surprising number of professional athletes in just about every know sport in the Federation.

Learn more about Zaldans from their wiki page.

SDC Species Spotlight: ZAKDORN

“An interesting move, foolish but interesting. Checkmate.” – a Zakdorn saying.

While they are members of the Federation they can be a challenging species to sim for but they make for interesting characters with their subtle air of superiority and slight swagger to their walk. Definitely an intellectual species, one that relies on their brains. Considered by many to be the greatest know strategists they seem to be able to think and plan far in advance of others. This also makes them exceptional players of most strategic games.

For the most part they tend to be slightly overweight or flabby, because of this the Klingons consider their reputation to be inflated as they are obviously ill suited for any kind of physical confrontation. Regardless of this most species have avoided any aggressive contact with them. Also while they are firm supporters of the Federation they tend to be more suited to administrative and organizational duties and roles. Only a few ever enlist in Starfleet and fewer in the Marines, however a large number of them do serve as civilian advisors to both of these organizations.

Learn more about this species from their wiki page.

SDC Species Spotlight: ZEVIAN

“Be careful what you wish for, you just might get it.” – a Zevian saying.

This restricted species is fiercely independent and distrustful of most other species. They even distrust of their own government, which is a form of dictatorship, and fear it as well — and with good cause considering the informants, secret police and spy devices everywhere! State rules are strictly enforced, and while most of their lives is controlled and dictated by various government policies, freedom is beginning to grow since rule by nobles ended.

As a result, this stoic species are acclimated to hardship, hard work, and deprivation. They have a strong sense of community that is encouraged by the government, a willing to work together that originally allowed them to finally overthrow the old feudal system of government they laboured under, and which allows them to survive under the current government as well. They tend to be a bit standoffish, reserved and almost isolationist with other species.

Learn more about this species from their wiki page!

SDC Species Spotlight: ZIBALIAN

“Profit is great but my collection is better than yours.” – Zibalian wisdom

This species, like the Ferengi, are well known as traders and merchants, major players in both the Alpha and Beta quadrants of the Federation, and its surrounding regions. While they do have a reputation for specializing in the higher quality or more profitable merchandise, they will deal in just about anything if their is a profit in it. They are also well known for brokering some rather strange deals as well.

While they seem to be mostly concerned with only profit a larger than expected number of them are also avid collectors or one thing or another. This unusual, some would say almost genetic quirk runs strong within the majority of them and as a result they can be rather unpredictable at times. Some of them will do just about anything in order to add another rare item to their personal collections. As a result this has been the ruin of a few great merchants.

Learn more about the Zibalians from their wiki page!

SDC Spotlight: The Zora Fel

“Glory in your enemies strength. It makes victory even sweeter.” – a Zora Fel proverb.

The Zora Fel are a species of unusual contradictions. The men are all warriors who exist for battle and conflict, living in harsh, spartan barracks outside of their communities while the females live apart inside their communities with all the comforts of modern living. They were one of the first species to fight the Klingons and for 86 years their war raged across their section of the Beta Quadrant. Finally they were defeated, driven almost to oblivion. It has taken them almost 200 years but they did it. Rebuilt all that they lost and they even gained glory during the Dominion War fighting as elite infantry for the Klingons. Now they survive as a subjugated people, still thirsting for glory and maybe even revenge.

Learn more about the Zora Fel on the StarBase 118 Wiki!

SDC Spotlight: Xindi

After a few long weeks, the SDC was finally able to compile all of the current information available about the Xindi. In the process, 6 complete and totally different species pages were created on our wiki for each of the 6 different sub-species of Xindi. There was a lot of data involved and it all had to be divided up and separated into 6 different collections of information. After all, this is the first and only known instance of 6 distinct species developing on a single planet in the Star Trek universe.

In the process of working on this, a number of very interesting interviews and articles were discovered. These reflected the ideas and thoughts behind the creation of the Xindi. It was truly interesting to read how each species was developed and the changes that took place during their creation, from the original concept sketches to the final finished product.

Now it is with pride that the SDC can announce that all 6 of the Xindi species wiki pages have been completed and approved. Also based on the historical fact (Enterprise TV show) that sometime in the future the Xindi will be members of the Federation and serve in Starfleet all 6 are considered permitted for player use.

SDC Spotlight: Zaldan

The Zaldan are a playable species with a fairly high level of natural aggression. As such, it is surprising to many that they have never had any recorded instances of warfare among themselves. They control these aggressions by frequent strenuous physical activity. In fact over 90% of their population takes part in one sport or another and many of them are active in more than one sport.

SDC Spotlight: Tholians

The Tholians have long been one of the most interesting of the original series alien species, one that over the years has been elaborated on and added to in both printed form and in the various TV series that followed the original.

In that time they have grown and developed into a species with as rich a background as any of the more familiar alien races such as the Vulcans, Klingons, Romulans, and Cardassians.

There is something about them that has always made them both interesting and menacing at the same time. A species that due to their very alien nature will always fail to understand us. One that can always be counted on to make a difficult situation even more difficult.

Maybe that is why we love them so much, or maybe it is simply that they embody the most basic belief that aliens are very, very different from us. Regardless, they will continue to be a source of danger and mystery and one of the few constants in an every changing universe.

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