SDC Species Spotlight: ZIBALIAN

SDC Species Spotlight: ZIBALIAN

“Profit is great but my collection is better than yours.” – Zibalian wisdom
This species, like the Ferengi, are well known as traders and merchants, major players in both the Alpha and Beta quadrants of the Federation, and its surrounding regions. While they do have a reputation for specializing in the higher quality or more profitable merchandise, they will deal in just about anything if their is a profit in it. They are also well known for brokering some rather strange deals as well.
While they seem to be mostly concerned with only profit a larger than expected number of them are also avid collectors or one thing or another. This unusual, some would say almost genetic quirk runs strong within the majority of them and as a result they can be rather unpredictable at times. Some of them will do just about anything in order to add another rare item to their personal collections. As a result this has been the ruin of a few great merchants.
Learn more about the Zibalians from their wiki page!

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