Species Spotlight: ZALKONIAN

“Fear the change. It must be stopped.” – a Zalkonian expression. One of the smaller stellar empires, controlling a number of colonies and worlds in less than a full sector of

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SDC Species Spotlight: ZALINIAN

“The awareness of our own strength makes us modest.” –a Zalinian expression. Governed as a monarchy, backed by a thin layer of old noble families, with the men usually going

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SDC Species Spotlight: ZALDAN

“Say what you mean. I do not trust your sugary words.” -Zaldan warning While they are members of the Federation, this species can be one of the more challenging and

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SDC Species Spotlight: ZAKDORN

“An interesting move, foolish but interesting. Checkmate.” – a Zakdorn saying. While they are members of the Federation they can be a challenging species to sim for but they make for

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SDC Species Spotlight: ZEVIAN

“Be careful what you wish for, you just might get it.” – a Zevian saying. This restricted species is fiercely independent and distrustful of most other species. They even distrust

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SDC Species Spotlight: ZIBALIAN

“Profit is great but my collection is better than yours.” – Zibalian wisdom This species, like the Ferengi, are well known as traders and merchants, major players in both the

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SDC Spotlight: The Zora Fel

“Glory in your enemies strength. It makes victory even sweeter.” – a Zora Fel proverb. The Zora Fel are a species of unusual contradictions. The men are all warriors who

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SDC Spotlight: Xindi

After a few long weeks, the SDC was finally able to compile all of the current information available about the Xindi. In the process, 6 complete and totally different species

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SDC Spotlight: Zaldan

The Zaldan are a playable species with a fairly high level of natural aggression. As such, it is surprising to many that they have never had any recorded instances of

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SDC Spotlight: Tholians

The Tholians have long been one of the most interesting of the original series alien species, one that over the years has been elaborated on and added to in both

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